How To Monetize Your Blog – Wealthy Affiliate Best Kept Secret

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can earn money and in this post, I will show you how to monetize your blog with Wealthy Affiliate.

I advise you to earn money yourself with WA. More, I'm going to show you how I make money with WA.

You can also read the following article that I wrote about Wealthy Affiliate. This way you get a complete picture of how WA works.

What Wealthy Affiliate Best Education Offers

How I discovered Wealthy Affiliate

In 2011 I started affiliate marketing. Then I had never heard of Wealthy Affiliate and used the ordinary tools that I could get online to make money with affiliate marketing.

It was only in 2015 that Wealthy discovered Affiliate.

Then I made the decision that I would just work with the best affiliate marketing training program. There I could get a commission for referring people. In total it took me 2 years to experiment with various affiliate platforms to eventually find a solution for Wealthy Affiliate.

I have gained many experiences with sites such as Affilorama and Solo BuildIt. But in the end, Wealthy Affiliate performed best.

Wealthy Affiliate presents the best of all platforms.

By “the best presentation” I mean that at various internships.

First I saw my referrals much more often compared to other affiliate programs. That is why my commissions are higher because Wealthy Affiliate pays their affiliate members residual income.

This leads to more money.

How To Monetize Your Blog With Wealthy Affiliate

Now I'm going to show you how I make money with Wealthy Affiliate. Keep reading between because it will be interesting.

First, I promote Wealthy Affiliate to earn commissions. When I refer someone through referential Wealthy Affiliate through my affiliate link, and when someone becomes a premium member I earn a commission.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

This Is The Way I Do It

Well, I have made a website about affiliate marketing. To score high in search engines for keywords related to affiliate marketing, and more specifically Wealthy Affiliate.

I try to advise people interested in affiliate marketing to become a PREMIUM member at Wealthy Affiliate. Follow the training and use their resources to build its first affiliate marketing web site.

To clarify it here is exactly how I achieve this goal:

Create a page like this page to score high in Google for search terms that you have chosen (all are taught at WA)

Write 50 articles about Wealthy Affiliate For free traffic. Then you get lots of traffic.

Make people a free member of Wealthy Affiliate by placing my personal links. If people click on my link and sign up for the free trial period, they can become what Wealthy Affiliate is.

Wealthy Affiliate sells itself during the free trial period.

On average 1 in 7 applies for a premium paid account, on which I earn commission!

These steps are a free way to make money.

How Can You Make Money Now With WA?


  1. Wealthy Affiliate has a fantastic affiliate program that I am the first to use to make money. Secondly, I promote other products and services (all are taught at WA). This way you build a nice income from your seat.
  2. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches people to become affiliate marketers. The many ways to make money online with affiliate marketing are infinite. Wealthy Affiliate is a very important online platform with real people getting real help.
  3. The WA group teaches you how to find a good niche, how to find partner programs in that niche. how you can build a website, how you write content that achieves high scores in search engines and your website visitors convert customers.
  4. WA has all the tools, training and resources you need to become a good affiliate marketer. Requesting a domain name, setting up web hosting, niche research and building a website that makes money.
  5. With Wealthy Affiliate, you really learn how you can earn money with OTHER affiliate programs. WA aims to let you use all the training and tools to promote a different number of products and services offered on the internet. The number of connected programs is almost endless.

If you choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate you can earn a full-time income there. My advice is that you certainly follow all the training courses that Wealthy Affiliate offers you and that way you become a fantastic affiliate marketer.

Put Time And Effort Into It

It takes time and effort to promote a product or service online and make money. It is certainly not a rich program. If you are looking for this, I have to tell you that these programs do not exist.

My Positive Thoughts

Take a FREE Wealthy Affiliate account. And take a cause on the platform, you will be overwhelmed by so much information. I, therefore, encourage you to learn the first training (10 lessons) completely free.

You can say that a premium account is something for you! And rest assured you don't have to enter any payment details.

If you still have questions, please fill in the form and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.

I hope to see you in and good luck!






What Wealthy Affiliate Best Education Offers – Get This Amazing Training

Thanks for visiting me and Read my post Are you looking for a legal way to make money online? , then in this article What Wealthy Affiliate best education offers today, you find what you are looking for. 

When I started Wealthy Affiliate, it was just to see if the company was legal. But I certainly didn't think I was going to make ANY money with them, but it turned out that I was starting to earn at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Education?

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Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches ordinary people like you and me how to earn income online with Affiliate Marketing.

If you ever wanted to make money from home through affiliate marketing then you have the best help, training, and tools at Wealthy Affiliate. That way you can achieve your goals.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 14 years.

The owners use this high standard to run their business, and you would miss a great opportunity if you didn't create a free account today.

Although you can become a 100% free member at Wealthy Affiliate, after the first 7 days there are restrictions for the free starter membership.

So if you had a trial after the first seven days and you want to bring your success up, it is best to switch to the premium membership.

Create Account free membership

With The FREE Starter Membership

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I love the free starter membership.

With the free starter membership, you get limited access to the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. You discover which training videos and community functions you have access to. 

What Is Included In The Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

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  • 2 websites
  • Live Help – First 7 days
  • 1-on-1 coaching – first 7 days
  • Website backup
  • Personal affiliation blog
  • Course for beginners
  • Partner Program
  • Bootcamp training – phase 1 only
  • Video loops
  • Keyword Search Tool – 30 searches

Could You Run A Successful Busines Using The Free Membership At Wealthy Affiliate?

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Yes, of course, you can, but with a premium membership, you have so many more options to make your company big.

What Is Included  In The Premium Membership?

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  • All Premium Training
  • The best Premium Website Features
  • Premium Support Channels
  • Jaaxy Lite included (keyword tool)
  • All Premium Live Events
  • All Premium Hosting Features
  • Full Access to Community
  • All Future Premium Features & Services

How to make wealthy affiliate earnings?

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In a nutshell, I personally promote Wealthy Affiliate to earn commissions (WA affiliate program). When I send someone to Wealthy Affiliate via my own affiliate link, and he becomes a member and later a premium member than I earn a commission.

How promoting WA 

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Free Methods

  • Blogging (about WA 3 articles a week)
  • Create Backlinks (WA teach you that)
  • Blog Hopping (leave a comment on another page of affiliate marketing)
  • Paid traffic
  • solo ads
  • ad swapping
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Make a sales funnel (Click Funnels)

There are so many more opportunities to promote, this is only a very small part of it. WA teaches you everything you need.

How Much Time And Effort To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

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If you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate or other products or services in any niche, it is not a matter, of course, you have to invest time and patience to make money online. It takes a few months before you start earning. But once you have the snowball effect you earn good and fast money.

Get My Free Coaching At Wealthy Affiliate

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As I said earlier, I promote Wealthy Affiliate and that means I help people with personal coaching. If you join I'll be there to coach you.

Final Notes What Wealthy Affiliate Best Education Offers 

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If you are serious about starting a business in affiliate marketing, sign up for the FREE Wealthy Affiliate account.

You do not have to enter any payment information and this gives you the chance to discover what WA is all about.

After a few days during your trial period you will know how you can earn money with Wealthy Affiliate and only then will you understand. Only then can you decide whether you want to sign up for a paid membership

Good luck and see you across the street.

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How To Increase Website Traffic Free – 29 Tips To Get More Visitors

email illustration concept modern

“How To Increase Website Traffic Free?”

This question has kept me busy for a long time.

Until the one moment when I had the right strategy.

In this article, you can read a number of steps that have helped me get more visitors to my website.

Why you have to go through the steps?

Because many visitors to your website are important if you want to make your website effective and successful.

More traffic means a greater reach and a greater reach means more effect.

These tips have delivered me more than 200+ daily visitors (EXTRA) in no time so we will quickly ensure that you succeed

Do Keyword Research

Are you also sick and tired of not having visitors on your website? Read my tips on how to get. 

Research For every piece of content that you write with the Keyword tool Jaaxy or Ubersuggest.

1. View The Top 10 In Google
2. Find your favorite keyword

Find your favorite keyword and create the best piece of content that exists.

Learn More About Keyword Research By Wealthy Affiliate Get A Free Account

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005. It is a public education that offers self-studies that teach you everything about affiliate marketing.

They connect thousands of entrepreneurs with each other, during training, with affiliate marketing partnerships, and on social media networks.

3. Choose A Good Title For Your Report

Is it a title that makes the reader curious and invites you to read? Claims as a question often do well. Especially if it combined with the promise of a solution. For example: “Enough of [the problem]? Ten tips to reach [the solution].

4. Check the title of your message
5. Is there a keyword in which you want to found?

Search for your topic in a keyword tool, choose a good keyword with a high search volume, and use that word in your title. In the first paragraph of your text and the “meta-text.”

6. Provide A Surprising “Meta-Text”.

This is the text that the search engines use for search results. With a well-written meta-text, you can still take the lead on your competition in Google.


6.Tips For Writing Articles

First and foremost, make sure that your items are 100% unique and contain at least 1000 words.

The great thing is that you have to write for people, not for search engines. Google wants you to write naturally. Forget the search engines and write down what you usually write; the traffic will come naturally.

Try the ten tips method, five tips, seven tips; it can be any number (10 instant traffic driving techniques)

7. Write your blogs in three parts
  • Here's what I'm going to tell you (hello in this article I'm going to tell you five ways to increase your traffic)
  • Now I'm going to tell you
  • Here is what I just told you (I hope you find these five methods) This is what I told you.

How To Increase Website Traffic Free Blog

8. Your Bio Box

Your bio box is where you sell yourself.

This is where you can drive traffic to your offer.

My advice keep the box short and sweet

Ask a question (do you want to see how does it do? 

Article Submitting Tips

I don't start mass publishing only send your items to the top directories (ezine articles)

Try to get your details into other areas, blogs, newsletters, forums, newsgroup 

9. Put The Title And Tie In The Signature Of Your Email 

How many emails do you send per week? Quite a lot, I estimate. A great opportunity to also use those contact moments to draw attention to your valuable article, right?

10. Ask If You Can Be A Guest Writer On Another Blog 

You probably know entrepreneurs who have the same target group as you but are not competitive. Discuss with them the opportunity to occasionally write an article on each other's blog or ask if they want to link to you regularly in their reports.

11. Post Comments On Blog Articles And Social Media Updates From Others
On websites of other entrepreneurs (groups), Facebook pages and groups on LinkedIn and Facebook with a lot of activity. Make sure that you are relevant and remain valuable.
12. Find People Who Need Your Help

Search for the topic of your blog article on Twitter and in LinkedIn groups and Quora! Perhaps your blog article is the answer to a burning question that asked there. Well-meant help is one of the best ways to get more followers.

13. Write Content To Give Away For Free

In addition to your items, you will have to write freebies. Giveaways are loose pieces of content that are enormously valuable for your customers. The goal of free giveaways is to get an email address away from the visitor. This email address will be the link to contacting your visitor

Examples of free content

email illustration concept modern

14. Help The Customers 

Customers on the internet read the text. So make sure you have a clear passage and build the essential words bold. And finish with a call to action. What is the logical next step after reading the article?

Social Media

15. Write A Tweet

I usually use the meta-text of my blog article as a basis for this and make a short version of it. A tweet contains even fewer characters, and there must also be a link to the article and perhaps a hashtag.

16. Write A LinkedIn Post 

I usually use meta-text, including the link to the material on my website.

17. Write A Facebook Update 

On Facebook, you have the most room to call attention to your blog article. It usually gives the best results if you stay short and to the point and put the link in the first (visible) paragraph. Always ask for a response and a ‘like.'

18. Put The Title And Tie In The Signature Of Your Email social media icons

How many emails do you send per week? Quite a lot, I estimate. A great opportunity to also use those contact moments to draw attention to your valuable article, right?

19. Ask If You Can Be A Guest Writer On Another Blog 

You probably know entrepreneurs who have the same target group as you but are not competitive. Discuss with them the opportunity to occasionally write an article on each other's blog or ask if they want to link to you regularly in their reports.

20. Post Comments On Blog Articles And Social Media Updates From Others

On websites of other entrepreneurs (groups), Facebook pages and groups on LinkedIn and Facebook with a lot of activity. Make sure that you are relevant and remain valuable.

21. Find People Who Need Your Help

Search for the topic of your blog article on Twitter and in LinkedIn groups and Quora! Perhaps your blog article is the answer to a burning question that asked there. Well-meant help is one of the best ways to get more followers.

22. Provide A YouTube Channel With Informative Videos About Your Field

Video marketing

22. Provide a YouTube channel with informative videos about your field

23. Have transcripts of your videos written?

24. Organize a webinar.

Negative Points

26. Don't Buy Links From Home Pages 

Otherwise, you will get a penalty from Google.

More Things You Can Do

27. Ad swapping  Read My Review How To Manage Ad Swapping

28.  Blog Hopping You give comments on other blogs in your niche.

29. Read the Google quality guidelines to find out what is allowed and what isn't.


The first step to attracting more visitors is to look critically at your website. Is the layout user-friendly and can your visitor quickly find what he or she is looking for? Yes? Awesome, then you can get started with Google.

Focus on creating original and amazingly valuable content.

When visitors come in you want to make sure that they convert; take action, buy something from you or contact us.

If this does not initially work, you want to tempt them to give up their e-mail address. Is this happening?

Then you have much more than a single chance to convince the visitor.

I will love to hear again if you find these tips valuable. Maybe you have additions??

Feel free to place your response in the form below. Thanks in advance!!


How To Manage Ad Swapping – Practical Guide 2019

mailinglist ad swap

How To Manage Ad Swapping – Practical Guide 2019

After building your email list for internet marketing, maybe ​​you have heard about “ad Swap.” Ad swaps are a way to grow your list without it costing you anything. To learn how to manage ad swapping.

The operation is more straightforward than you think.

You are looking for someone with an email list who wants to be your colleague, and then you post an offer from them to your email list and your partner posts an offer from you to his customers.

How To Manage Ad Swapping

How To Increase Your Traffic

In this post, I let you see how to start with ad swapping.

So what is an ad swap?

You are looking for a partner, and your promoter is one of his products. In exchange, they promote your product. Doesn't sound simple?

This method can quickly generate extra traffic.

Is this not handy? 

This swapping is usually done when exchanging squeeze pages and squeeze pages. On those pages, you offer a gift in exchange for an opt-in. (donations can be ebooks, reports, a course and much more).

These are standard squeeze pages.

You email your subscribers that page with the offer of other parties. 

Then your customers promote and mail to their subscribers to promote your page. The result is you both end up with more subscribers. 

Plus if you do this well, you can earn some money during the process.

Ad Swaps Explained

The whole concept is simple, and it's just a necessary arrangement.

Now you may think, what if I only have a small mailing list how can I address people with more massive customer lists. 

What you can do in such a position is email more than once to make up for that difference.

Let me give you an example:

Let us say you have a list of 1000 subscribers and the other party has a list of 5000 subscribers. 

You can mail five times more, and they only send once to get that in balance. Or the other party can send to a part of his list. 

It's about clicks and not how many subscribers a person has.

Usually, with ad swaps, people talk about an extensive list, but in reality, it is about how many clicks you can get for an offer. 

People with 1000 subscribers can get more clicks than people with 10,000 subscribers.

Getting Ad Swaps

One of the first things you can do is visit marketing forums like “warrior forum,” or you can consult your existing contacts who might want to do an ad swap. 

There are also Facebook groups looking forward to such places and creating advertising swaps.

There are also dedicated ad swap groups and forums:

Ad Swap Tips

Before you start using ad swaps, you must first have one built a mailing list of around 100 subscribers. Building a list is not so hard to make a simple offer and a squeeze page.

Read my review about:

How To Create An Email Subscription List? A Super Handy Plan!

You can use social media to get traffic to your website. Only then will you be able to start using swaps.

  • You wit also create a bond/relationship with your subscribers.
  • What you should not do is make a list of 500 subscribers and then have no communion with them.
  • It is necessary to enter into a relationship with your list. This way, you sacrifice value and remember it is about the number of clicks you can generate.
  • Try to reach an internship where you can get a minimum of 50 clicks per email. If you are in this position, you can start swapping.
  • Before you start ad swapping make sure you know the other party. Do your homework, make sure you investigate the person. 
  • Check out forums and look for reviews online on Google for feedback. 
  • What you don't want to do is work with a person with a bad reputation online. Then you promote something terrible, and your subscribers will realize that and have them unsubscribe.
  • You must always check the product that you want to promote.
  • You never promote a product without knowing what it does.
  • Once again if you promote a wrong product regularly, you will find that your customers are leaving.
  • Do the other parties test opt-in process, by that I mean if someone doing an ad swap check out how their payout works, what do they do when you register, what sacrifices they make, are they making tons and tons of offers, is it double opt-in, it's single opt-in, you don't want to promote anything with double opt-in. 

More Tips:

  • Check everything carefully because that is ultimately the page that you are going to support.
  • Make a personalized page for the other party and also ask the other party for such a customized page. Because if you have a customized page, this works better.
  • Before you do a swap, make sure that the sacrifice is the best of the best.
  • Test your opt-in process and then have it tested by someone else.
  • Try to affiliate your offer.
  • Make an offer once the prospect confirms their email; this page cannot avoid, make sure the page offers something.
  • If you make a sale, but this prospect on a buyers list, you can easily do this with an autoresponder.
  • The reason you want to do this is that you treat customers like gold.

So this is the information you need to do ad swaps.

Finding People To Join Ad Swaps

On the warrior forum(see below), you can see that many people discuss ad swaps. If you are looking for partners, go to this forum. There is also a joint adventure topic on the warrior forum. Make sure you investigate this topic and find partners.

Go to Facebook and search for ad swaps, that's the next thing you have to do, and you will find many ad swap groups there.

One thing I always do is go to the “safe” site. The best about this place is that people advertise how many clicks they deliver and how much it costs.

Start from the layer with 50 clicks don't start buying 1000 clicks. Safe swaps net is the best place to purchase swaps.

Warrior forum ad swaps



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If you want fast traffic to a website, this is the way to do this.

Traffic classification


I give it two stars because it is difficult. But don't get me wrong, you will receive more traffic with ad swaps.

Speed of results


Work involved


Have You Enjoyed This Review? Then Read My  Nr. 1 Recommendation To Help You With Affiliate Marketing.

Left me a comment below please so I know what you are thinking about my review.



How To Write An Affiliate Marketing Blog – Ready To Crush It In 2019

You don't think fast how to start An affiliate marketing blog? And make money.

And make money. Affiliate marketing is only selling someone else's product through – in this case – your blog.

You promote other people's products through your blog. And if you sell a product, you will receive a commission from the purchase price of that customer. It's that simple!

With the advent of the internet, there are so many more ways to make money. You don't even have to move around, work from home, a dream for many people.

Read my post how to  monetize your  blog

How To Start A Affiliate Marketing Blog

Why Is Blogging Important For Business?

The best thing about earning money on the internet is that you can make an endless amount of money. At work, you get paid per hour or a monthly wage.

But if you work on the internet by starting a blog, you also earn money when you are not working. Your website is online 24/7. Extreme right?

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is writing a story on your website, which ensures that you give priceless value to your visitors.

Writing can be about any topic you want, and there are almost no laws about how you write your blog.

To ensure that your blog is found well in the search engines, you must do SEO (search engine optimization).

For instance, by reading my review, you will become a lot wiser about SEO!

What Are On-Page SEO Techniques – New Techniques 2019

person is writting on a noteblok

How Can I Blog For Free?

When you start blogging, you need a website. The best way how to start an affiliate marketing blog is to use WordPress, and you can do this by becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

WA is an online platform where you can learn everything about Affiliate marketing from A to Z.

While you discover you already start making money and you can start for free.

If you want to learn more about WA, read my review. Low-Cost Startup Business Idea! Wealthy Affiliate The Truth You Don't Know

At Wealthy Affiliate you have the most options, to become successful with blogs for affiliates marketing.

Your website is online within 60 seconds, and you can start blogging. The more you blog and how the more valuable the texts you write, the more visitors will come to your website.

You should see blogging in the long term. It can take a few months for quite a few visitors to come to your website. But if you can persist and persevere, you can earn a lot of money by blogging.

How Often Should I Blog?

If you start blogging, you can earn infinite money with it.

The more blogs you write, the more people come to your website and the more chances you have of selling something.

In the beginning, you will see that for a very long time almost nobody comes to your blog to read your blogs.

If you notice that you have 100 or more new visitors coming to your website every month, you already have a reasonable chance of making money.

You can check how many visitors you have through Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a system with which you can see how many visitors have visited your website and where they come from. You write blogs to ensure that more and more visitors come to your site via the search engines.

How Much Can You Earn With It?

Enter Some blogs earn 100 euros a month, but some blogs make more than 130,000 euros a month.

It is a difficulty to persist. You can expand in two ways.

Make your website bigger or start a second website and repeat the entire process.

If you have been working for a few years, chances are that you will start earning more than the wages you earn each month from your boss.

How Do You Get Your Visitors?

The first thing you need to do: Get a lot of visitors to your blog. It is important to write many texts that are related to the subject of your blog.

You must choose a specific topic (niche) and stick to it. The better you stay focused on a particular topic, the faster you get more visitors. If you have found an excellent niche to blog about.

Then the second thing to do is search keywords to write about.

Keywords are words that your ideal visitors seek when they are on the internet. (What do you type in Google if you seek something).

There are quite a few keyword tools on the market. You can easily find keywords via the free Google Keyword planner, or free Jaaxy keyword tool. ​

Here you can read my review about Jaaxy. ​ Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker? (Update)

Try below Jaaxy! After finding your keywords, you can start writing. I take my online business very seriously and especially, in the beginning, every day, I wrote a blog post.

How Much Does It Cost To Blog?

To start blogging, you hardly lose any money. The only costs you actually incur are for web hosting and a domain name.

Write a new blog post at least 3 times a week to speed up the result. If you want to tackle it really well, you can also start blogging every day. These “costs” are free with a Wealthy Affiliate (explanation later)

You need  SiteRubix  (Free web hosting at Wealthy Affiliate) To be able to show a website on the internet, and a domain name is the web address of your site. The domain name is also free with WA. I advise you to choose a domain name with a .com extension if you are going to create a website.

Most people click faster on a .com site. It must be immediately apparent to the domain name that your website is about and try to find a name that is quickly remembered by your visitors.

In addition to these costs, there are actually no mandatory costs. You can, however, invest money in paid tools that make your work easier, or in a course to learn everything quickly.

When Do You Start Making Money?

You do not immediately earn money with blogging. It takes a while before your website gets a good position in Google.

If you still don't make money with your blog after a year, that's no reason to stop. If you see that there is an upward trend every month in Google Analytics, you are doing well.

Then it takes a while before you start making money. So always go ahead and don't give up. Most blogs fail because they give up too quickly.

If you persist now, you have the option of stopping your work in the long term and earning passive incomes. Never again to ask if you can go on holiday! Sounds good right?

How Do You Monetize A Blog With Affiliate Marketing?

When you start a blog to make money, you mustn't immediately think about making money. Getting visitors to your website is the first thing to do.

If some visitors come to your blog every month, then you can monetize your blog. I am an advocate of affiliate marketing.

With this, you promote products for other people on your site, and you get a commission if someone else buys the product through your website.

With affiliate marketing, the commissions are easily between 5% and 70% of the purchase price of the product.

All you have to do is promote and sell products via affiliate marketing. You have to register with an automated affiliate network such as, WarriorPlus, and many others.

first clickbank sale

Via ClickBank or WarriorPlus you will get your own link to the product.

The owner of the product knows who the customer has sent to. To ensure that many people click, write something about the product and link it.

You are now ready to make money.

Where Can I Follow An Affiliate Marketing Course?

If you want to make money with a blog, Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money.

To learn affiliate marketing, I advise you to follow the affiliate marketing revolution at Wealthy Affiliate, you won't regret it!