How Much To Win As A Divi Affiliate – In The Theme Industry?

Divi WordPress Template – More Than a Theme!!

How Much To Win As A Divi Affiliate,

Divi from Elegant Themes is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes of this moment.

Before you start creating a WordPress website, you must choose from one of the many WordPress templates.

In addition to a good template, there are many themes that we would not use instead, and our customers will advise not to use

Some models (with Visual Composer for example) are anything but user-friendly, and other templates are poorly programmed/coded.

A template that we are delighted with is the Divi WordPress template. The Divi Page Builder gives you the option to build advanced pages without having to write the code yourself.

Do you want to do more yourself with your WordPress website? Then use Divi!

How Much To Win As A Divi Affiliate

What is Divi, And What Can You Do With It?

Elegant Themes have developed the Divi WordPress template.

The template is very flexible and specially made for the Divi Page Builder. The Divi Page Builder is an extension of the WordPress content management system that allows you to enter and format pages better.

The Divi WordPress template is not very special, but it is specially optimized for the Divi Page Builder.

The Page Builder can also be used with other WordPress themes, but there is a good chance that you will have to change the style yourself using CSS so that it matches your chosen template.

When You Can And Cannot Use The Divi WordPress Template

For the more experienced WordPress user, Divi (the WordPress template or the page builder) is recommended.

In the beginning, it will take some time to figure out how to enter a page, but after that, it is possible to place a page quickly and adequately.

Divi works best when you use the functions as they have been developed.

If you want more, your web builder can expand or adjust the modules. Another option is, of course, to have a template developed according to your wishes.

The Divi Page Builder can also be used within a custom template.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Divi Page Builder

As we said before, the Divi WordPress template itself is not very special.

The Divi Page Builder makes it possible to create beautiful, more advanced responsive pages.

When you place a page with the standard WordPress Editor, you have few options.

With shortcodes, you can add some items to the page, but shortcodes are often not particularly flexible, and they also do not have a user interface with which you can easily edit articles.

The Divi Page Builder works on the same principle as other page builders (for example Visual Composer, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, etc.), but an advantage is that the Divi Page Builder requires fewer libraries and thus achieves a faster loading time.

Below I show you an overview of the most important advantages and disadvantages of Divi.


  • Examples are available for almost every type of page. For example, for creating a landing page, portfolio, contact page, and more. This has the advantage that you also learn faster how Divi works.
  • No problems with delay. A disadvantage of many page builders is that it takes a lot of time to load an element that you want to edit. A page usually consists of several factors, and this extra loading time can take a long time before you have finally created a website. The Divi Page Builder has much less delay and therefore works very well.5 reasons I love Divi
  • Layouts for your pages can be saved. If you use a standard format for your pages, you can keep its design in the library. A new page is then created in no time. Also, you can choose from the standard page layouts of Divi itself.
  • While setting up each module, you have a Real-time review. After you have added a module to your section, you can immediately check what it looks like at the front. So you don't have to save the page first to view the changes.
  • Experienced users can set each module separately using CSS functions. Not only the content of an item can be changed, but also the background, the font, etc. Besides, you even have the option to change the function using CSS completely.
  • Optimized modules For different sections. You can naturally change the layout. In addition to articles with 1 to 4 columns, you can also insert full width or individual parts. This provides a lot of flexibility.
  • With more than 250,000 Divi users, you might think that every website looks the same. However, this is not the case . With Divi, it is even straightforward to create very different sites.
  • For example, look at the websites that we have created with Divi. The websites of final (English version) and Tekstory are both built with the Divi WordPress template, but still, look different in terms of design.


  • The design of some elements is not very special. The social media buttons or the call to action form, for example, are not particularly advanced. With Divi, you have enough options to create a beautiful and functional website, but at times, you need to be extra creative.
  • It is not possible to repeatedly switch between the standard WordPress mode and the Divi mode. If you do this, the entire page will be lost. If you want to change the text on a page, you will have to do this in the Divi text module.
  • The standard layout sometimes has distances that are too large. When you start a new website project, you must correct it again and again.
  • There is no manual available for developers. If you want to implement a significant change, you will first have to investigate this yourself. There is no separate manual available with information about modifying or writing modules. The different CSS classes for the elements or the responsive grid are currently unavailable.

How Does The Divi Builder Work?

It is effortless to use Divi Builder to create a page; we show you how to enter the Blurb module. Above you will find an example of the result and the steps that have been taken.Divi the newest website page builder

First, choose the pages you want to edit or create a new page. You then decide to use the Divi build-up function.

An empty standard section will appear on the new page. Under the standard part, you could add a new standard part.

There is a row in the section to which you can add the various elements. In the row, you can choose from the number of columns by clicking on it.

Choose three columns if you want three elements next to each other.

Click the plus sign to insert a module. Here you have different options, but we opt for the blurb.

Then a popup appears with the settings, including the title, image, and text. Then click on save & exit.

The first blurb has been placed! You can also add other items to your pages in the same way.

At Last, the library of content elements available is impressive:

Divi the library of content elements


Divi 3.0: The Future Of WYSIWYG

Building a page with the Divi Builder was already very easy but since autumn 2018. What are the benefits of the new front end builder in Divi 3.0?

You can immediately see what the changes will look like. Via the backend developer, you must first save the changes before you can view them.

Each element can be changed completely. All settings that are available in the back end can also be opened at the front, so you don't have to go back to the back end first to make small adjustments.

The Visual Builder works incredibly fast

Short or even no loading time.

Text can also be easily changed on the page itself. Click on the line and start typing.

Page elements can be enlarged and moved with the mouse. Organizing a page has never been easier.

Benefit from responsive editing. The size of the page can be changed so that you can also see how the page looks on your mobile and tablet.

At final websites, we find the new Divi 3.0 functions very time-saving!

How Much Does The Divi Theme Cost?

You can get the Divi WordPress template (incl. Page-builder) at Elegant themes for $89 a year.

For this, you also receive the other templates and technical support (via the forum), but no extra WordPress plugins.

If you use WordPress hosting at final websites, you can not only use the Divi WordPress template for free, but also the other plugins and models of Elegant themes, including Monarch, Bloom, and more.


Do I Have To Use Divi Forever?

Before you start a website with the Divi Builder, it is essential to know that switching to a website without the Divi Builder is not easy.

The moment you remove Divi from your website, the Divi shortcodes will continue to exist and will not be translated by WordPress into the various theme elements.

It is possible to remove the shortcodes, but that is too complicated, and you still have to rebuild your pages.

Of course, you can change the WordPress template, as long as you keep using the Divi Builder (the style of some elements will probably have to be changed).

This may seem like a disadvantage, but when you like Divi, your website can last for years with Divi!

At the time I wrote this review, Divi was the page builder for many websites that we then built. With the rise of Elementor,

Divi is no longer the only choice, and more and more sites with Ocean WP and Elementor are being constructed.

Is Divi less good now?

No, Divi always gets five stars.


With the Divi Builder 3.0, Elegant Themes has delivered a beautiful front-end editor.

Elegant themes WordPress themes

Indeed, in combination with their own Divi theme, you can very quickly put together beautiful pages because the elements are already very nicely designed by default.

For people who are visually oriented, the Visual Builder offers a beautiful experience, although you have to give yourself the time to get used to the minimalist interface.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about this Divi Theme of want to leave your OWN personal, review leave a comment below.

Visit the Divi Website

14 thoughts on “How Much To Win As A Divi Affiliate – In The Theme Industry?”

  1. I haven’t paid for a premium theme for my WordPress site before, I have always just used the free templates as some of them are pretty good but I do like the look of the Divi WordPress template looks really sophisticated

    I like the fact that you can save page templates to use in future posts if you like the design of them, that could be very handy for me as I do a lot of similar posts on my website

    I have been using the free Elementor page builder plugin which is OK I suppose but it doesn’t offer as much as the Divi page builder does by the looks of it but can you move around the elements after they have been placed in a post? 

    • Hey Matthew, thanks for your response to my post. The free themes of WordPress standard models and certainly good enough to start with. Elementor is good for page building but is limited in its ability. Divi is the showpiece and can also move many elements after they have been placed in a message. Read Above the difference between Elementor and Divi.

      You can try Divi free for 30 days.

      Good luck with it

  2. Hi Nelly, Thank you for explaining Divi theme for me. I’m new to wordpress and so everything looks like a rocket science.

    Would you say that Divi theme is similar to a wordpress plugin called Elementor? Looks are important to me and I would like to have a theme that offers a wide array of design options and is fool-proof.



    • Hey, Katya thanks for your response. You will find thousands of happy users for both Elementor and Divi. So here is no clear winner. To help you make your decision, here are some of the key differences between Elementor versus Divi Builder.

      Elementor has …

      A generous free version on

      More widgets to build your designs (if you have Elementor Pro)

      Full functionality for building a theme (with Elementor Pro)

      A static interface with a set of sidebar

      Get Elementor

      Divi Builder has …

      Maybe a little deeper styling options, although it is fairly close

      More templates with the new template library

      A dynamic interface with many floating buttons

      Back-end operation

      Buy Divi Builder

      In addition, the teams behind both Elementor and Divi Builder do an excellent job by regularly deploying new quality features, so you have a great development team that supports you, regardless of which page builder you choose.

      And both Elementor and Divi Builder can also be well integrated with the Astra theme, so you can take advantage of the useful functionality of Astra with a page builder (read more about why Astra is the perfect theme for page builders).

      Greetings and good luck,


  3. Hi Nelly thanks for this good review of Divi and its pros and cons, I found it very useful and informative.  I have been considering this option to give me more flexibility but I am concerned with the point that you mentioned with respect to losing the entire page if you switch between WordPress and Divi. But thanks again for the good review.

    • Hey Abbas, nice to meet you and thanks for your response.

      Yes, switching between Divi and WordPress can sometimes have nasty consequences. WA makes a backup of your site every day, which is a great reassurance. If you have more questions you can always ask me.

      Greetings and good luck,


  4. Hello Nelly,

    As a newbie in blogging, creating my own website, I have started with a Free WordPress template. Needless to say, the layouts are pretty rigid and I ended up adding more plugins for customisation which may not be good for page loading. Anyway, I am glad to have caught your Divi WP template review. While I won’t be changing my present website to another theme, I am planning to start another website and on the lookout on various suitable themes. Will come back to this when the time comes to choose the final one. 



    • Hey, nice to meet you and thanks for your response. At WordPress, you also have good free templates. Yes, the layouts are standard and you can’t change much, but to start with, these are certainly good.

      Divi is, of course, the showpiece of the Themes. You can try Divi for 30 days for free and see if it is for you.

      If you have any questions you can always find me here.

      Greetings and good luck,


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the review on DIVI Theme. Would have been nice if you can post screenshots of what DIVI theme looks like in action.

    So the DIVI Theme is $89/year. I am just starting out as a blogger and $89/year is a bit of hefty price.

    However, I read some of the benefits of DIVI theme and I love it!

    “No problems with delay” – this is very advantageous to me especially I have a really packed schedule. Some of the themes that I’ve used has significant delays which makes my work EEEEXXXTTTRRRAAA long and inefficient.

    I also like the fact that I can add different modules to my blog. Customizing your blog can help you make a sale. On top of that, having a  real time review option would make it easier for me to create a nice looking  page/post.

    Finally, it is important to me that my site looks unique from the rest. It shows that I am serious with what I am doing and being able to customize my site tells my customers my identity.

    Again, going back to the price. Right now, I still don’t have the means to pay for it but is there a trial version of this? I want to start using it now then later on upgrade to the premium version.



    • Hey, nice to meet you and thanks for your comment. I followed your advice and posted an image of how the page builder works. Divi is certainly not cheap but you get so much instead. Of course, it is important that your site looks unique, this makes the difference between all other sites. You can try Divi for 30 days for free and it will save you a lot of time.

      Try it for 30 days and then you can see if it is for you.



  6. Wow, Divi Theme is quite impressive with its features! No doubt on that because its creator, Elegant Themes are the most popular  Web Press theme store. While reading your article, I came up with a full understanding that since it’s flexible and customizable, then there wouldn’t be a problem to use this even by beginners. 

    I took upon my liberty to check out Divi and some testimonials would say that its is literally one of the best commercial page builder, and that it’s fast and easy to organize. I guess those are the qualities of a web page design  that everyone is looking for . The point here is if can create a more beautiful, and friendly sites then it’s going to be an advantage.

    • Hello and thanks for your comment. Divi Theme is indeed user-friendly even for beginners. It is literally the best commercial page builder available. By the way, you can try out Divi Theme for free.

      Have fun with it and good luck


  7. Quite an extensive post about Divi but I’m a bit confused. I’ve read in the post Divi theme and Divi Site Builder. Are they two different entities or the same thing called differently names interchangeably? Please help my ignorance.

    You’ve used quite a number of images to illustrate some points in the post but I didn’t quite follow well when you talked about “how does the Divi Builder work?” I guess adding some images of the process would be helpful to me to see clearly how the builder works.

    From the benefits, looks like something I’d like to try out. 

    • Hey, thanks for your response to my post. The Divi is an all in one system, Divi theme and Divi page builder and so much more.

      I have followed your tip and placed an image of how the page builder works. You can try out Divi for free.

      Have fun with it.


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