How To Discovery Digital Marketing And Make Money?

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After the creation of The Internet, a lot of change. We spend twice as much time on the internet.
The old marketing methods are less effective than a few years ago.

We have unlimited access to the internet for all possible information. The way we make purchases is changed.

Marketing is about connecting with the target group, in the right place and at the right time.

At the moment this means that you have to meet your intended customers where they spend the most time: on the internet.
That is where Digital Marketing starts.

Digital Marketing is an overarching term for all your online marketing efforts.
You can read in this article all about “How To Discovery Digital Marketing And Make Money.”

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also called online marketing and internet marketing. This way of marketing always includes via the internet and new media. Digital marketing contains these domains:

1. Search Engine Optimization

If you want to score higher in the Google search engine, you have to optimize your website.

Later you see how you can do this.

To be at the top of page 1 of Google, you don't have to invest at all.

This medium is about getting organic traffic.

The goal of SEO is that you write striking and interesting content to appeal to a larger audience.

This way, you interact with your website via social media, and you can respond to that.

Digital marketing

2. Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Is setting up a profitable advertising campaign. By setting budgets, the most significant costs per click you can control these costs.

The aim is to convert all people who came to the website through a paid click to a customer. The latter is called conversion.

3. Social Media Marketing

You can increase the reputation of your product or service through social media marketing.

There are many social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedln and Facebook.

4. Google Ads

Google has developed an advertising platform where advertisers pay to place their ads. To generate traffic, leads, and sales through all Google advertising networks.

5. E-mail Marketing

You can send commercial messages to a group of people via e-mail. There are various programs such as Mail Chimp, Weber that help you send a lot of e-mails.

6. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC Is an ad network that set up an advertising model where advertisers pay when a visitor clicks on an ad. On search engines, content websites, and blogs, Pay per click advertisements are released.

7. Influence Marketing

A person or group is deployed to influence the behavior of the target group. The influences have many followers on social media; The actions have many followers on social media; which they use continuously.

8. Content Marketing

Content marketing is content and pleasant way to offer prices and potential customers a helping hand without directly glorifying your product or service. You deliver valuable information that helps them make better choices or get more out of your product or service.


Social marketing


9. Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a limited new marketing technique and happens through word of mouth. This marketing technique uses existing social networks to spread the marketing message as quickly as possible as a viral epidemic.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of internet marketing in which advertisers reward their affiliates (sellers) for the sales or leads created by the member.

Members can do this by placing advertisements from advertisers on their site, among other things.

If a sale or lead follows, the affiliate receives compensation from the advertiser.


11. Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Is setting up a profitable advertising campaign. By setting

Budgets, the most significant costs per click you can control these costs.

The aim is to convert all people who came to the website through a paid click to a customer. The latter is called conversion.

The Basics Of Digital Marketing?

  • You need a website
  • Regularly deliver good content
  • Building a constant stream of visitors
  • Promoting Robotization
  • Join social networks

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Global Reach

For only a small investment, you can find new markets worldwide with a website and trade with them.

Lower cost

You can reach the right customers if you make a well-planned and effectively targeted digital marketing campaign

Makes a well-planned and effectively focused digital marketing campaign.

Measure Results

Measuring your online marketing with web examination and other online measurement tools makes it simpler to decide how influential your campaigners have been. Digital marketing

You can get Nitty gritty data about how clients utilize your site or react to your promotions. Web analyzing can be set up to show you precisely how a lot of cash you gain with each digital strategy.


If your customer database is related to your site, you can greet the people who visited your website with proposals. You can refine your consumer profile the more they buy from you and how you can effectively market them.


By working with and managing social media carefully, you can produce customer loyalty and build a reputation because you can quickly get started with it.

Social currency

With digital marketing, you can create engaging campaigns or rich content.

On the web, these battles can win social money – be exchanged from client to client and become viral.

Improved Transformation Rates

If you have a website, your customers are just a few clicks away from a purchase. Digital marketing can be consistent and fast.

Higher Revenues

An excellent digital marketing tactic would bring you more profit.

Firms involved in digital marketing optimize conversion rates to achieve the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for companies.
Join social networks

The Future Of Affiliate Marketing? Will It Die Or Not?

Affiliate marketing has been around for twenty years; marketing has been around for more than 20 years. There are currently more prospects than at any time in recent memory.

The reason is that large organizations are there.

The motivation behind why large organizations have turned out there because individuals invest more energy online as well as spend additional time purchasing things on the web.

If you want to know everything about blogging and affiliate marketing, you can get started for free here. Below the site, there is a form that you can fill out if you have any questions.


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Digital Marketing Or Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the strategies of digital marketing.

Content marketing includes all types of marketing where content or information is created and distributed for the consumer.

This content can be both textual and audiovisual, ranging from news and blog posts to case studies and manuals to videos and infographics.

If you write relevant and qualitative content, such as in blogs, videos, and infographics, you can attract more visitors via social media and SEO.

Digital marketing includes search engine marketing, social media marketing (SMM), e-mail marketing, content marketing and this to properly promote the promotion of your products.

It is best to use as many marketing areas as possible to get the best results.

How Would I Become An Affiliate Marketing Master Like Neil Patel?

To become such a big marketer as Neil Patel, you have to start at the beginning. I can give you as many tips as you want, but if you do not have the basics, you are not happy with it.

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Can I Make 6 Figures In Affiliate Marketing Per Year?

Yes, indeed you can make six figures in affiliate marketing. The first tip I can give you to be successful in affiliate marketing is to follow a stable course. You can find this training here.
On this platform, you learn everything from scratch. Just take a look, it's FREE. It is not a quick rich program; it needs time. And perseverance is the message. What do you think? Are you going to start?

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Useful Digital Marketing Tools

Content Ideas

Google trends

Google Trends a Google service that allows you to see the popularity and direction of all sorts of search terms.


SERP means Search Engine Results Page, an all-in-one SEO research tool with great functions at a reasonably affordable price.

Finding an affordable all-in-one SEO research tool was almost impossible; SEO tools such as Ahrefs, MOZ, and Semrush start around $70 pm.


BuzzSumo is a tool that encourages you to find your online world.

If you click on the Trending Content tab, you will get a page with the trendiest news items.


Ahrefs is an online measuring tool for analyzing your website.

It helps you submit topics for new articles!

You can measure all kinds of things about your website, such as the number of backlinks, analysis of your content, position in search engines.


Quora is an online platform where you can ask questions about any subject. This way, you can write content about your topic.

Keyword tools


Ubersuggest is a free online tool from Neil Patel that helps you with your keyword research.

You enter a specific term in the machine and return; you get a lot of keyword suggestions, including information that enables you to choose the best word.


KWfinder is one of the best keyword tools for finding long tail keywords and is also an analysis tool. Very accurate keyword research data are reporting.

Keyword tool io

Keyword tool io is a tool to find new niche keywords in Google, Bing; YouTube in your language and niche.


Jaaxy is the only keyword and study platform in the world that is built by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers.

There is an excellent range of arms on techniques which can be very time eating about your business. Key-word and competition studies can now be a breeze!

Jaaxy is the most favorable advanced platform in the world. You can do keyword research with all the factors that Jaaxy has.

If you want to know more about Jaaxy you can read my review here.

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Co Schedule Headline Analyzer

Co Schedule Headline Analyzer I an online site that proposes improvements for your headlines. You should give it a try, and it's free. You get more traffic, better search results, and shares.

Grammar Tools


Grammar is an online spelling checker that checks for spelling mistakes, sentence structure, synonyms and tips on how to write something in the best way.

Hemingway app

The Hemingway app is an editor that corrects grammar and sentence structure to help you learn to write better.

Copy Write Images


Pixabay is a platform of creatives who share photo copyright-free images and videos.


Pexels helps designers, bloggers, and anyone looking for an image to find great photos that you can use anywhere for free.


With Unsplash, all images have the same license: you can use all photos for free, also commercially. You do not need to request permission or mention a source. You can also adjust, distribute, and more the images to your liking.

Which Is The Best Digital Marketing Course?

There are many online digital marketing courses. You can go directly to the Google Digital Workshop source.

After many courses, I found the best!

My first recommendation goes to Wealthy Affiliate; It is a public education where you can learn everything about affiliate marketing through self-study.

WA connect thousands of entrepreneurs with each other, during training, with affiliate marketing partnerships, and on social media networks.

What is Wealthy Affiliate's mission?

Wealthy Affiliate wants to make it possible for everyone to become successful online marketers through the right training and guidance.

How Do I Earn In Affiliate Marketing?

If you promote products or services on your website you get a commission when you sell something.

It's the fastest way to make money but doesn't think it's a quick rich program! It all depends on how much time you spend.

Your performance is analyzed by the affiliate network to which you are connected.


In the past, your marketing tactics were not automated. You did your SEO and your social media marketing and blog on various platforms. Now everything can be done on one platform.

The problem with this was that it became almost impossible to let all these different technologies communicate with each other. And this made it completely impossible to get a clear overview of your marketing activities.

This connection has disappeared since the emergence of integrated marketing platforms.

With the introduction of marketing automation, we have one system that can do anything. That allows you to manage your SEO, social media, blogging, landing pages, email and analysis in one place. Handy!

We used to work with computers because the Internet is now available on many devices.

According to an MIT report, we can expect that by 2019 no fewer than 30 billion devices will use the Internet. So there are 30 trillion devices we can use digital marketing.

Are you ready for the future? I do!

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  1. Love it. Such good content for planning a successful online business. I found an article just like this when I was first starting out and it changed everything for my business. I finally saw all of the possible routes you can monetize online and all I had to do was jump in. This article is such a great starting point for everything you need to know about the digital marketing space and I will definitely be following these valuable links to scale my own business. Thanks!

    • Hello, and thank you for reading my article. Just like you, I have seen all the possible routes to make money online. What I learned from this is that there are no quick rich programs.

      Good luck with your business and see you later.

  2. Wow! There is so much information packed into your post. I am not even sure where to begin, although I did learn a couple new things by reading your post. Influence marketing never even crossed my mind, so I would love to read more about it. I also love your comment about Neil Patel, and how to become like him, you have to start with the basics. People don’t understand a multi-million dollar business starts from the ground up. Oh, and thank you for the list of tools that are available. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy are top notch, and I don’t think I would veer from that at this time. They provide so much information and training that helps walk you through how to build your business. Great job on the post!

    • Hey Kelly,  Thank you for your comment on my article. I do my best to share as much information as possible. Neil Patel is the tallest I have admired him for a while, he didn’t start with anything, did he?

      We indeed receive a lot of information and training at Wealthy Affiliate, and so we always come one step closer to our goal!


  3. So I’ve been trying to find out more about digital marketing and although there is plenty of information out there on the WWW it’s scattered all over the place and to be honest most of it is far to complicated for me to understand. You have given all the pertinent information in one place. I now have a good idea, certainly enough for me to decide if I need to know more. I tried years ago to set up a website but it was hard work. Now it looks like everything is far more user friendly and under one roof. I’m still not sure which direction is the best one. I like the idea of creating content and giving value to your visitors.

    • Hey, thanks for reading my article. It is where in the past, it cost blood, sweat, and tears to build a website. Now that everything is under one roof, it is much more comfortable. I do nothing but create content, and silently, I get better at it, and I love doing it!
      Good luck with your business

  4. Hi,

    This is a really good and very comprehensive look in to digital marketing, thanks for sharing. I have an affiliate marketing site and am looking for more ways to promote it. I believe that affiliate marketing will grow as even more people get better access to the internet. I have a question though, would paid advertising, such as Google ads be worth using for an affiliate marketing website?



    • Hello and Thank you for your response to my article. Affiliate marketing will grow in the future. Paid advertisements like Google’s are worth it. What you need to practice well is that you know your audience well. Then it is certainly not wasted money.


  5. Thank you for communicating a tremendous amount of information on the topic of Affiliate Marketing. You have mentioned several useful tools that I am definitely going to use such as Co Schedule Headliner Analyser, Pixabay and Pexels. Question: is there an app or service where I can manage all my social media accounts from one dashboard?

    • Hello, and thanks for your comment. It is indeed a lot of information because there are so many topics in digital marketing. Co Schedule Headliner Analyzer is an ideal tool. Creating better headlines is a challenge. You can try the Hootsuite program for your social media. Handy and user-friendly.


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