How To Manage Ad Swapping – Practical Guide 2019

How To Manage Ad Swapping – Practical Guide 2019

After building your email list for internet marketing, maybe ​​you have heard about “ad Swap.” Ad swaps are a way to grow your list without it costing you anything. To learn how to manage ad swapping.

The operation is more straightforward than you think.

You are looking for someone with an email list who wants to be your colleague, and then you post an offer from them to your email list and your partner posts an offer from you to his customers.

How To Manage Ad Swapping

How To Increase Your Traffic

In this post, I let you see how to start with ad swapping.

So what is an ad swap?

You are looking for a partner, and your promoter is one of his products. In exchange, they promote your product. Doesn't sound simple?

This method can quickly generate extra traffic.

Is this not handy? 

This swapping is usually done when exchanging squeeze pages and squeeze pages. On those pages, you offer a gift in exchange for an opt-in. (donations can be ebooks, reports, a course and much more).

These are standard squeeze pages.

You email your subscribers that page with the offer of other parties. 

Then your customers promote and mail to their subscribers to promote your page. The result is you both end up with more subscribers. 

Plus if you do this well, you can earn some money during the process.

Ad Swaps Explained

The whole concept is simple, and it's just a necessary arrangement.

Now you may think, what if I only have a small mailing list how can I address people with more massive customer lists. 

What you can do in such a position is email more than once to make up for that difference.

Let me give you an example:

Let us say you have a list of 1000 subscribers and the other party has a list of 5000 subscribers. 

You can mail five times more, and they only send once to get that in balance. Or the other party can send to a part of his list. 

It's about clicks and not how many subscribers a person has.

Usually, with ad swaps, people talk about an extensive list, but in reality, it is about how many clicks you can get for an offer. 

People with 1000 subscribers can get more clicks than people with 10,000 subscribers.

Getting Ad Swaps

One of the first things you can do is visit marketing forums like “warrior forum,” or you can consult your existing contacts who might want to do an ad swap. 

There are also Facebook groups looking forward to such places and creating advertising swaps.

There are also dedicated ad swap groups and forums:

Ad Swap Tips

Before you start using ad swaps, you must first have one built a mailing list of around 100 subscribers. Building a list is not so hard to make a simple offer and a squeeze page.

Read my review about:

How To Create An Email Subscription List? A Super Handy Plan!

You can use social media to get traffic to your website. Only then will you be able to start using swaps.

  • You wit also create a bond/relationship with your subscribers.
  • What you should not do is make a list of 500 subscribers and then have no communion with them.
  • It is necessary to enter into a relationship with your list. This way, you sacrifice value and remember it is about the number of clicks you can generate.
  • Try to reach an internship where you can get a minimum of 50 clicks per email. If you are in this position, you can start swapping.
  • Before you start ad swapping make sure you know the other party. Do your homework, make sure you investigate the person. 
  • Check out forums and look for reviews online on Google for feedback. 
  • What you don't want to do is work with a person with a bad reputation online. Then you promote something terrible, and your subscribers will realize that and have them unsubscribe.
  • You must always check the product that you want to promote.
  • You never promote a product without knowing what it does.
  • Once again if you promote a wrong product regularly, you will find that your customers are leaving.
  • Do the other parties test opt-in process, by that I mean if someone doing an ad swap check out how their payout works, what do they do when you register, what sacrifices they make, are they making tons and tons of offers, is it double opt-in, it's single opt-in, you don't want to promote anything with double opt-in. 

More Tips:

  • Check everything carefully because that is ultimately the page that you are going to support.
  • Make a personalized page for the other party and also ask the other party for such a customized page. Because if you have a customized page, this works better.
  • Before you do a swap, make sure that the sacrifice is the best of the best.
  • Test your opt-in process and then have it tested by someone else.
  • Try to affiliate your offer.
  • Make an offer once the prospect confirms their email; this page cannot avoid, make sure the page offers something.
  • If you make a sale, but this prospect on a buyers list, you can easily do this with an autoresponder.
  • The reason you want to do this is that you treat customers like gold.

So this is the information you need to do ad swaps.

Finding People To Join Ad Swaps

On the warrior forum(see below), you can see that many people discuss ad swaps. If you are looking for partners, go to this forum. There is also a joint adventure topic on the warrior forum. Make sure you investigate this topic and find partners.

Go to Facebook and search for ad swaps, that's the next thing you have to do, and you will find many ad swap groups there.

One thing I always do is go to the “safe” site. The best about this place is that people advertise how many clicks they deliver and how much it costs.

Start from the layer with 50 clicks don't start buying 1000 clicks. Safe swaps net is the best place to purchase swaps.

Warrior forum ad swaps



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If you want fast traffic to a website, this is the way to do this.

Traffic classification


I give it two stars because it is difficult. But don't get me wrong, you will receive more traffic with ad swaps.

Speed of results


Work involved


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10 thoughts on “How To Manage Ad Swapping – Practical Guide 2019”

  1. I am always on the look out for more traffic and this article has just switched a lightbulb in me. I always tell myself that I will get into Ad swapping  and from your explanation, it sounds very simple.

    I know warrior forum has a huge audience and I think this is a great place to do an ad swap.

    Your Email subscription list is super handy. Thank you for the Ad Swap tips too. 

    This is a very useful article that I have bookmarked.

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by. An ad swap is an excellent way to generate traffic as long as you research the partner with whom you work. Warrior forum there are like-minded souls and is ideal for ad swapping.

      Good luck with an ad swap

  2. Thank you. I had never heard of ad swapping.

    Right now I am doing the wealthy affiliate thing. I am starting to put the content together on my website and I wonder how I will ever actually get people to go to my website. I feel like there are already so many websites how will they ever find mine?

    So first I suppose I have to just build it first because that’s like the only way of knowing. Does having a little bit of activity on your website in the form of comments make a big difference? There are some people who comment on my websites and that and a little bit of use of keywords is pretty much all I have in terms of increasing my rankings on Google or something. Could that be enough?

    Thanks for this option I will consider it when the time comes.

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by. People naturally come to your website, the more articles you post, the more backlinks you have and the inbound links. Just continue to follow the training and you will see how to handle it all. It will always take a few months before you get traffic. Commenting on your website is very important and certainly your answers so people see that you care about customers and that the site is alive. After a while, you learn different ways to generate traffic. Just hold on.


  3. Some great tips you have offered when it comes to ad swaps. I know this was quite a big thing a few years ago, but it seems to have quietened down a bit unless it is just happening under the radar.

    The hardest part about an ad swap is finding suitable partners, as this takes time as you need to check out their credentials and make sure the swap will be worth your while. Once you have an ad swap partner, and the ad swap went well, keep them on a database so that you can contact them again in the future.

    The most important part is the tracking, so make sure you know exactly how this all works before you go into an ad swap.

    • Hey, nice to meet you and thanks for your comment. Indeed, some time creeps in, but once the swap went well, you get something in return. And keeping your data is certainly important.

      Good luck in the future

  4. That seems like a great idea to generate traffic because you can reach an entirely different audience.  The technique is to find someone who already promotes your product, right?  But, what if you can’t find the right match for what you are promoting?  Because I still want to make sure that the brand I promote or the niche I’m in maintains homogeneity.  Thanks!

    • Hello, nice to meet you. Ad swapping is a good way to generate traffic. Hé who seeks finds hey. There are enough sites to ad swap as long as it is in your niche. Once you start searching, you will come across a lot.

      Good luck

  5. I have not ventured into ad swapping yet but I can see how it can benefit both parties without any costs. I also like the idea of achieving a certain amount of clicks as this would seem to be a fairer way of partnering with someone. Only going for a small number of clicks, to begin with, is a great tip. 

    I will take your advice and do some searching on Facebook groups and Warrior forum before starting. 

    • Hey, thanks for dropping by and for your comment. Ad Swapping is a fast way to generate traffic. Yes, you have to start with a few clicks and then build it up and check the other partner well.

      Good luck

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