Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker? (Update)

Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker? Killer Tool

For finding keywords for products or websites, my confidence goes all the way to Jaaxy for keyword research.

The question is Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker?

You probably know if you have purchased a keyword tool in the past that many tools are out of date and no longer provide correct data.

Jaaxy is easy to use and easy to understand, plus the data is VERY correct Jaaxy is an online program so you can use it on any PC or Mac computer.

So there is no software to download.

I recommend Jaaxy because it is user-friendly and very accurate and fast.

Jaaxy is a turning point in finding keywords with low competition for online marketing.

The Jaaxy keyword tool contains highly desirable keywords like you've never seen before.

For article marketers who put their trust in search engine optimization to generate traffic, Jaaxy is your desired tool.

With Jaaxy you can find the right keywords in seconds while with other tools it can sometimes take hours.

A combination of Jaaxy with other means such as Wealthy Affiliate and you can steer your online business in the right direction.

The Pros And The Cons Of Jaaxy


  • Very easy to work with
  • No unnecessary information
  • Jaaxy has no software to install  
  • Support is fast and useful
  • Keywords research results are very correct
  • You can see if there is domain availability within Jaaxy


  • So Fare None

12 thoughts on “Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker? (Update)”

  1. Jaaxy is a great keyword tool and it has helped my online business grow in terms of content ideas relevant to what is being searched in google for example. It has also help me with choosing website domain names related to keywords of course and therefore, and most importantly it has help with increasing traffic to my websites! What more can an online marketer want. It’s very simple to use because even I can navigate easily around it lol.

    • Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes that feature to choose domain names is a big advantage really handy. A great tool to work with. Traffic is everything a marketer wants.

      Many greetings and online success.

  2. For me, Jaaxy is the best keywords search tool I have ever used. The accuracy is pretty good and I can rank my post with ease. But to get the best from jaaxy I will advise anyone to get the enterprise plan. The results are a lot more in numbers and quality. So, you can choose better keywords for your topics.

    And I like the fact that I can track my post in jaaxy to see how good it is ranking in the search engines and also fins affiliate products related to my keywords directly from jaaxy. It is really more than a simple keywords search tools.


    • Hey thanks for dropping by? Yes Jaaxy is a great tool. Then I should consider taking the Jaaxy business plan, it will certainly be worth it. Thank you for this tip.


  3. Hi! I personally use the free Jaxxy version when I’m researching for my keywords. It’s really easy to use and the ability to save keywords to a list saves me a lot of time comparing similar keywords to see which ones are better. I also like the site rank function which tells me how well my posts are doing. Your post did a good job explaining Jaxxy’s functions. I’d definitely keep using it and try out the Pro version when I can afford it.

    • Hi Maryli nice to meet you, thanks for dropping by. I am happy that you are satisfied with Jaaxy, it is therefore a fantastic tool. And the Free version is just as good.

      If you have any questions just let me know.

      Greetings and good luck

  4. Good Morning Nelly,

    I agree with you that Jaaxy is a super tool and here at Wealthy Affiliate, we have it include. I think that is great.

    I like how you said that too many ideas and too many niches are like having a luxury problem. I have 2 websites with very broad niches, they sometimes even overlap, I call them sister sites but I like it that way.

    On your post, I see a couple of ( divider style = “full” ) and I wonder what that is? Perhaps it is only on my computer but if not you might consider to take it away.

    I did have a smile when reading the list on men’s underwear. Do they wear silk? I still have not met a man like that.

    I can understand you have chosen to take the upgrade for Jaaxy, it goes a lot faster. Good that you told me they have an Affiliate Program, I will look into that.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi good that you are there. How are you?

      Oja that (divider style = “full”) I still have to tackle. My previous theme there you could use dividers (under your titles). Not with this theme. I have to fix that. Thanks for the tip. And the affiliate Jaaxy program is a bonus.


  5. Hi Nelly,

    Thanks a lot for passing that information. It’s true one needs to do informed keywords research or they’ll find themselves doing posts that no one is noticing. I have been using Google Keyword Planner before and I liked the way it shows monthly search volume per month. Then I  check on % popularity of a search term in YouTube using Google Trends. But all that is tedious. The system you have called Jaaxy, does it have an up to date database? Does it also check YouTube data and suggest possible keywords to help rank videos? Doe it show popularity of YouTube keywords?

    Boniface- AndroidBix 

    • Hey Boniface, Thank you for your comment. Nice to meet you. I have a tip for you. I use Keywords everywhere (chrome extension), you see the monthly volume in google. It is a free extension and really worth it. Jaaxy also checks youtube data and also shows the popularity of the YouTube keywords. Give it a try. If you have any questions, please let me know.


  6. Hey Nelly,

    what an amazing post you have shared! I did not know much about Jaaxy before reading your post. I thought it is a keyword tracker like other keyword trackers. Which kill our important times. But I feel very much happy to see that Jaaxy does not take time like other research tools. You nicely elaborated the information of Jaaxy. I will use it when I need to use keyword tracker. What do you think, how many times it needs to finding any keyword?

    Thanks a lot, dear. I will share your post to others. I hope your post will help others very much.

    • Hey nice to meet you. Thank for dropping by.

      Jaaxy is an amazing tool. I always use it when I find my keywords and then I throw them through Jaaxy. In my texts I use my main keyword four times. If you have any questions about Jaaxy or something else, reassure them.


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