Ten Effective Ways To Get Passive Income – Over And Over Again

Make money passive income

Ten Effective Ways To Get Passive Income

With passive income, you can ensure that you are not immediately without pay if you are temporarily unable or unwilling to work.

But what is a passive income? And what are the best ideas to quickly build up a passive income?

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is simply income that is not directly related to your time or work.

It is income that you do not always have to work for, in contrast to active income, where you exchange your hours for money.

Examples of recurring income can be:

  • Rental income
  • Dividend on shares.
  • I have earned money from advertisements.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping

Active income is the income that you earn as an employee

.Passive income success go get it

The flip side of active income is that you give away control of your own time.

But do you stop exchanging your time for money? Then your income stream also stops. And that is precisely where the significant disadvantage of active income is.

Passive income is therefore independent of hours and your physical presence, but it is not income that you do not have to do anything for, as is sometimes thought.

Does Passive Commission Exist? Hell yes!

Can I earn a passive income?

Yes, passive income is certainly not a myth. It does exist, though some will continue to argue not.

And I understand that you think so when you see all those “get-rich-quick” websites on the internet. It doesn't get rich while you sleep.

Those who only get-rich-quick with this are the smart guys behind those pages themselves.

It can certainly earn a passive income. But you also have to do something for passive revenue; it's not free money.

You have the money that you have earned at a particular moment because you have already done most of the work.

And that is precisely why you, too, should invest in building up passive income.

Why Do You Need to Build Up Passive Yield?

You do not immediately get rich asleep with passive income. Passive money flows are impressive for several reasons, especially for freelancers.

Passive income is also attractive because you have become a freelancer to have more freedom. If you then have to work 60 hours a week for that freedom, you can hardly call it democracy.

There are even people who have set up passive revenue streams and now roam the world as digital nomads — talking about freedom!

But even if you are not looking for time to travel or time for yourself, you sometimes want to go on holiday, without having to worry about whether you still have work after your holiday.

The reason that I started working with passive income as ancillary income. I now earn a monthly passive income. (which again does not mean that I don't have to do anything at all)!

Other Reasons For Passive Income

Building up passive income is impressive for anyone who wants to be less dependent on direct labor for his profit, except for freelancers.

Sometimes it is about people who want to spend more time at home. To be able to combine the care of children or their parents with their work.

In other cases, it concerns men or women who, after a divorce, are left alone in their home and have difficulty paying the mortgage only.

To supplement any pension gap. To be able to pay off a debt.

In yet other cases, people with a passive income want to have some extras to spend. Collect some extra income. To buy beautiful clothes.

To be able to pay for that expensive sports club. Or go with the children to an amusement park. You then slowly build up a second income or additional income to do extra things.

For others, building a passive income is just fun to do. They want to see how far they can get with it. Whatever your reason is to earn passive income, in principle, anyone can get started

Success three

How Do You Start?

But how can you start with recurring income?

It depends a bit on whether you already have money or whether you want to build up passive income without cash.

In the first case, you will have more options, and it will go faster than in the second case.

But even without investment, it is possible to start creating passive income today. So you don't have to be rich! Below I will discuss ten relatively easy ways that you could apply. Do you want to see if there is something for you?

1. Write A Book

You can write a book! Write about a topic that you know a lot. Let me warn you. It is a lot of work.

In any case, I know of others who have written a management book and have published it for free at a publisher or Amazon, that they can still make good money with it.

Indeed, if your book ends up in the top lists, this can still grow into a gentle stream of passive income.

2. Publish An E-book

The value of an e-book is that it is easily accessible and that you can create and publish it yourself.

Just like writing a physical book, a lot of work involved in the first instance, but if you have an exciting subject, you can end up with a stream of income for many years.

For example, bundle your knowledge about your professional or hobby into an e-book and help others with it.

You can sell your e-book through your website or, for example, offer it for sale on platforms such

as Smashwords, Apple Books, or Amazon.com.

If you sell your e-book, it is useful if you have a distribution channel in the form of a busy website or weblog. Otherwise, the number of sales could be disappointing.

3. Make And Upload YouTube videos

Well-known vloggers have become rich with it. Making videos of their daily lives and putting them on YouTube.

A great example of passive income because the films continue to provide income for months or years after your effort. Moreover, you already had a “daily life” anyway, so why not film it?

If you want to get an income from your YouTube channel, then you have to come up with an original idea and have a lot of perseverance.

Make youTube videos

4. Investing In Digital Real Estate

Instead of investing in physical real estate, you can also choose to invest in digital real estate.

Digital real estate means websites and webshops primarily. Yes, you also need some money for this method. But it can be very lucrative.

Once you have boosted that income considerably, you can also consider reselling the site for a much higher amount!

5. Build An App

Do you have sufficient technical knowledge? And an excellent idea for an app?

Then you can consider building one yourself (or having it made) that you put up for sale in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Keep in mind that there are only a few developers who make a lot of money from their apps, while the rest lead to a marginal existence.

Well, not all apps are equally popular, and there is simply a choice of tens of several apps, many of which are free.

An excellent program for testing apps

6.  Start A Blog

The plus about starting a blog is that you don't need anything for it. Okay, a laptop and an internet connection. Then you can get started right away by making money online.

The best thing to do is to start a blog on a subject that is close to your heart.

So about your work or your hobby. You can earn money with blogging if many others are interested in your topic.

A blog can generate money by putting ads on it or working with links to web shops that pay you a commission on their sales. This way, you can use your blog correctly to set up an occasional review of a product or service, if that fits in well with your topic.

The latter is called affiliate marketing, and if you take a functional approach, it can generate quite a bit of passive income.

But make no mistake: a blog is usually hard work because it always has to contain new content. Otherwise, you lose your visitors.

In many cases, you will, therefore, continue to work on it. But if you do it right, then you are busy with your hobby, and it doesn't feel like working.

The advantage of a blog is that the income usually continues if you post a little less or no new articles during your vacation.

Write a blog

7. Set Up A Webshop

In 2019 it is straightforward to set up a webshop and start selling products.

Mainly if you have found a product that you can buy cheaply and can sell again expensively, then you have an excellent source of passive income in your hands with a webshop.

To make your income even more passive, you could outsource the marketing and customer service of your webshop.

You do not need to stock if you have suppliers who send their products directly to your customers (the so-called drop shippers).

Pro-tip: in terms of fame, you are not going to beat e-commerce giants such as Amazon.com And Walmart.com.

Therefore always start with a good idea for a webshop in a specific niche. If this goes well, you can expand your concept with a related assortment.

Do you want to know more about building a webshop.

READ this book below

Build a webshop

8.  Invest In Shares And Bonds

Staving currently provides you with 0.05% interest per year.

Then you have to have a lot of money if you want to earn something with it.

It is better to invest your money in shares and bonds. I am not going to give you any investment advice here, but if you have the money you can make more money out of it in a reasonably safe way.

The money works for you instead of you for your money. That is passive income in optima form.

But: you have to have money for it already, and many freelancers don't have that.

9.  Invest In Real Estate

If you have a bag of money, you can also invest it to get income from it.

If you are full of money, you can, of course, buy property at an exciting location. When you rent out your property, you get a nice passive income from it.

Of course, you are also the landlord, with all the disadvantages that come with it.

You can also choose to buy a holiday home and rent it out to others in the period that you are not on holiday. If you have a beautiful holiday home in a good location, you can get a gentle income stream here.

But here too, of course, there are a few snags in this method of passive income.

Passive income from real estate is one of the most popular ways to monetize your assets

10. Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Put, you get money as an affiliate for promoting something or someone.

These can be different stuff.

This can be services such as going to the pedicure, gaining self-confidence or paintball.

These can be different things.

Think of dating sites, webshops or e-books.

With e-books, you can get a high commission (and you hardly have any costs).

Before you start affiliate marketing, I advise you to follow a course. You can follow this course for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate founded in 2005.

It is a public education that teach you everything about affiliate marketing. They connect thousands of entrepreneurs.

Create Account free membership

What is Wealthy Affiliate's Mission?

The mission of Wealthy Affiliate is to make it possible for everyone to become successful online marketers through the right training and guidance.

Read My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

Which Language Used OnWealthy Affiliate?

The courses are given n understandable English. If you have a basic knowledge of the English language, you can follow these courses well.

What Support Is Available?

There are a development and support team of around 20 full-time employees, including Kyle, Carson, and Jay.

Jay is responsible for the exciting live video training that offered to all premium members.

There is a team of specialists with programmers, code managers, content managers, and others.

What Is The  Wealthy Affiliate Community?

Wealthy Affiliate has an active, warm, compassionate, international community.

Members can contact each other in different ways: By writing interactive blogs where you can post a comment.

Answers where members can send questions and answers to each other, and there is also a chat room for direct communication.

You also have the option to send personal messages.

How Are The Classes Offered At Wealthy Affiliate?

The affiliate marketing and boot camp lessons are written and accompanied with step-by-step videos.

You can watch the videos 24/7.

There is live video training for premium members almost every week. And the blogs and extra lessons written by members are also of great value.

What Are These Assignments That A Have To Do?

The most important thing is to “Get started.” Under all lessons, there are checkboxes., where you can check what you have done.

There are lessons that you can do in an hour, but some take much more time.

You will only receive useful assignments that are related to building your website, and that will lead you to the success that you have in mind.

How Many Lessons Can I Follow?

I didn't count them all. But in addition to the regular (100+) Wealthy Affiliate tutorials, and the classes that you can follow, there are thousands of courses available from the member.

You also start earning money during those courses.

[thrive_link color='blue' link='https://Goodaffiliatemarketing.com/platform' target='_blank' size='medium' align='aligncenter']Create a Free Account[/thrive_link]

Patience Is A Virtue!

I want to tell you – perhaps unnecessarily – that although you can immediately start generating passive income, you have to be patient to get an exciting income out of it.

So don't give it up if you don't see any results or not enough results after a few weeks or months.

Adjust, learn from others, and stick to it. If you want to go, those passive cash flows are coming!

Tell Me Your Experiences With Passive Income!

Are you using one or more of these benefits to generate (extra) money?

Do you have other ways to earn offline or online passive income?

Do you want tips on how to build up your passive ancillary income?

Have you any questions, or do you want to know how I dealt with certain things?

Then ask your questions below or leave a comment. You will get an answer anyway!



How To Find Good Keywords? Jaaxy Is Killing It!

keyword search


Learn How To Find Good Keywords

So You Want To Score Higher In Google?

Well, then you do indeed need insight into the search terms that your customers use to find Good keywords For your website.

What should you look out for and how to find good keywords that your competitors have not yet discovered?

In this blog, I share the way I research keywords. I reveal the tool I use and show you how you use the keywords to dominate in Google.

Ready to find the best keywords yourself? Then read on.

The principle of intent-based keywords is simple: respond to exactly what the customer is looking for.

Why Is Choosing A Good  Keyword Important?

Do you want to let potential customers know that you are selling women’s boots? Or cool sneakers?

Then you must get visitors to the site.

A successful website depends on the findability in search engines.

You click faster on a link on the first page of Google than on the second or third page. SEO optimizes your website so that you are easier to find.

Choosing the right keyword is the very first step in this process. Quite important.

Related post

Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker? (Update)

Competition Is Harmful

Intense game on a search term is a significant culprit.

Via Google Adwords, you can see how often your keyword searched for and how important it is.

If there are millions of searches per month on the keyword you find, then, of course, this all sounds fantastic, but the competition will be fierce with such a keyword.

If there is a lot of competition, you will never score high in Google with the keyword in question unless you are willing to spend a large sum of money here.

keyword search

The Solution Is Longtail Keywords

There is generally little competition on LONGTAIL KEYWORDS  because they are so specific.

Longtail search terms are keyword phrases with three or more words, in contrast to shorttail keywords with only one word that we have always mentioned above.

People will often first start a general and comprehensive search based on a shorttail keyword, but then they will refine their search.

People who search more specifically in Google are often new leads, precisely because they targeted.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Long tail keywords are often more valuable than keywords with a high search volume [/pullquote]

Do Not Use Irrelevant Keywords

Try to avoid using irrelevant keywords on your website. Google scans not only the source code but also the content itself.

The search engine will determine the relevance of the page on this. If the keyword has nothing to do with the content of your texts, you should therefore not implement it.

If you try to fool Google, it will be in vain, because Google is always smarter!

Inbound Links Are Important

On the other hand, A search engine will take into account inbound links, which are hyperlinks from one website to another website.

If a frequently visited website that scores high in Google links to your site, Google or another search engine will reward this.

Where Do I Place My Keywords?

For a good score at Google, your most important keyword must be in the title of your page.

However, try not to overload your titles with the same keywords, because Google punishes too frequent use of a keyword.

So putting your keyword in all titles is not a good idea. Also, implement your keywords sufficiently in the text or body itself, but not too much either.

It is also wise to include the terms in the file name, title, and alt text of your images. An alt text provides a summary of what shown on an image.

Processing your keywords in this can yield a lot.
Finally, you can also include the keywords in your page address and adjust the meta description.

Now you can get started yourself! Hopefully, you can redeem a good score with Google and other search engines based on these tips.

Does this still sound like Chinese to your ears? Not bad, I’m happy to help you with this

image keywords

Keyword Tools

With this help, you can find and ensure that your website ranks on Google.

1. Your common sense

First: use common sense. You can find keywords yourself.

Nothing is that cheap and creative to come up with a list of keywords that your target group uses to reach your offer.

And if you can't figure it out yourself, an hour of brainstorming with some colleagues can help a lot.

2. Google search results

Google also gives you many SUGGESTIONS. One of the algorithms that Google uses provides keywords while you type in your keyword.

And also on the search results page, you can often find relevant keywords that you can use to optimize your page.

3. Google

Google’s automatic additions are a powerful tool for internet marketers at all levels. Google shows you variations on searches that often searched.

This way you can effortlessly find even more relevant keywords that you can focus!

schermafbeelding find keywords

The best thing about this tool is that the variations, or “predictions” as Google calls them, are based on real user searches, depending on the language and location of the users.

Google will even provide suggestions for each letter of the alphabet. Isn't that cool?


schermafbeelding find keywords alphabet

4. Ubersuggest (from Neil Patel)

If you don't feel like going through the entire alphabet, check out the free tool, Ubersuggest.

If you enter a keyword or sentence here, Ubersuggest will show you the most popular variations of each keyword, and several predictions sorted alphabetically.

It not only saves you time and hundreds of search terms, but it is one of the best ways to get new ideas for new keywords

find keywords with Ubersuggest

5. Keywordtool.io

Go to Keywordtool.io for more information

For me, the most useful tool to determine search terms.

The great thing about Keywordtool.io is that you can set Google to another language so that you helped how to find the right keywords. In the style you want.

The pro version of Keywordtool.io gives you insight into the corresponding search volumes of the keywords.

find keywords keywordtool io

Last But Not Least

7. Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is the best keyword tool on the market.

Free account. That means that you can make limited use of the free version.

But that is enough for most entrepreneurs. Within no time, you will get a list of relevant keywords with the search term you searched.

This list is a search result how to find right keywords around the search term “keywords,” then you get a whole list of long-tail keywords.

Read my review about Jaaxy Keyword tool!


Jaaxy keyword tracker


You will see the following important information:

  • AVG: (searches that receive the keyword monthly)
  • TRAFFIC: (customers to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • QSR: Quoted Search Results: Competing sites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is good, Yellow is Ok, Red is very Poor.

This information is worth gold, try it out for yourself below.

More Tips For Choosing The Right Keywords

Which elements should you take into account when determining your keywords?

  • Budget: depending on how you wish to spend your budget, you can go for quick wins, and an aggressive approach,
  • Target audience: the search behavior of young and old, men and women, and so on may differ. So choose the keywords that are most used by your target audience.
  • Time planning: SEO is a marathon, not a race. If there is little time to deliver results, you should not focus on keywords with a large search volume. After all, it takes a while before they can score well.
  • Objectives: depending on the goals (generating traffic, achieving conversions), you will give priority to other keywords.

It is not easy to take all of these factors into account and to weigh them against each other when drawing up a content marketing plan.

With intent marketing, however, this can be tackled in a structured and phased manner.

Finally, it is also essential to use these well-chosen keywords in the right places in your content. Put keywords in the text, title, subtitles, and the metadata of the document and the URL of your page.

You can process multiple keywords in the text at the same time, as long as they are related. That way, you score for the keywords that you give priority!

Finally, if you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, you can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate, the best platform for learning affiliate marketing.


Your common sense is the best free and always available tool to determine keywords. You can consult Google yourself online, and if that is not enough, then use Keywordtool.io or Ubersuggest.io.

You use Jaaxy as the icing on the cake to determine the right keywords.

Want to get to the top in Google?
With all the tools in this article, you take the first step to get to the top of Google.

However, SEO is more than determining keywords for one page.

SEO is also not a trick that you can learn in an instant. It is good thinking, setting goals, knowing what you write about, building a user-friendly website, and then applying it in practice.

So hopefully you liked my review, and if you have any questions, you can leave them below in the form.


[/et_pb_text][et_pb_button _builder_version=”3.26.6″ button_text=”Yes I Want Jaaxy For Free” admin_label=”Button” button_url=”Goodaffiliatemarketing.com/Jaaxy” url_new_window=”on” button_alignment=”center” box_shadow_style=”preset1″ box_shadow_color=”#7cda24″][/et_pb_button][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker? (Update)

jaaxy worktool

Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker? Killer Tool

For finding keywords for products or websites, my confidence goes all the way to Jaaxy for keyword research.

The question is Is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Tracker?

You probably know if you have purchased a keyword tool in the past that many tools are out of date and no longer provide correct data.

Jaaxy is easy to use and easy to understand, plus the data is VERY correct Jaaxy is an online program so you can use it on any PC or Mac computer.

So there is no software to download.

I recommend Jaaxy because it is user-friendly and very accurate and fast.

Jaaxy is a turning point in finding keywords with low competition for online marketing.

The Jaaxy keyword tool contains highly desirable keywords like you've never seen before.

For article marketers who put their trust in search engine optimization to generate traffic, Jaaxy is your desired tool.

With Jaaxy you can find the right keywords in seconds while with other tools it can sometimes take hours.

A combination of Jaaxy with other means such as Wealthy Affiliate and you can steer your online business in the right direction.

The Pros And The Cons Of Jaaxy


  • Very easy to work with
  • No unnecessary information
  • Jaaxy has no software to install  
  • Support is fast and useful
  • Keywords research results are very correct
  • You can see if there is domain availability within Jaaxy


  • So Fare None

How To Create A Perfect E-book?

Sqribble Review

[divider style='full']

Hey everyone, Nelly here again and welcome to my Sqribble Review and how to create the perfect e-book.

Now, as we all know, e-books can be a powerful marketing tool.

They can be used to make your company known. And can be used as magnets to generate traffic.

They can help you explain your industry in a more in-depth, concise way, and also, they can just be used to generate your own brand Authority as a writer in the digital world.

Sqribble software is cloud-based.

Tip: If you want more free information about affiliate marketing, click on this link

[divider style='full']


[divider style='full']

Sqribble box ebook creator

Name: Sqribble

Website: https://sqribble.com

Price: $47

Owner: Adeel Chowdhry

Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

[divider style='full']

What is Sqribble?

[divider style='full']

There are many tools available that you can use to create ebooks, but they have worthless templates and are unreliable.

And here Sqribble eBook-maker-app distinguishes itself from others because it can create an ebook in just a few minutes.

I already mentioned in the introduction that Sqribble is a cloud-based software that is full of incredible features and templates, along with beautiful and attractive covers to make your eBooks professionally attractive.

And the most critical aspect of Sqribble software is that creating an eBook is extremely simple and straightforward and that you don't need any technical knowledge to create eBooks with the Sqribble eBook builder app.

And another aspect that any marketer would love about Sqribble app is that it contains many thorough and cost-effective functions that would save a lot of time and effort for marketing professionals.

We have never seen so many functions in an eBook creation tool that you can find automatic pagination, automatic table of contents, electronic headers and footers, easy to use drag and drop, over 300 fonts to choose from and much more.

[divider style='full']

About The Owner

[divider style='full']

Adeel Chowdhry has been an online marketer for over ten years and has made and sold several # 1 bestsellers on many platforms such as Clickbank, JVZoo, and others. These bestsellers produce a seven digit income.

Sqribble Review and Demo

[divider style='full']




[divider style='full']

Incredible Benefits

The Good

1. Easy to use

  • Software that is easy to use with simple pointing and clicking technology.
  • Stunning Designs
  • Fifteen popular niche categories with 50 templates to select.
  • 60 Second Creation
  • You can create fantastic ebooks in a few minutes, reports, and whitepaper.

2. Instant Content

  • You get automated content without writing one word yourself.

3. Commercial License

  • Sell your designs and keep 100% of the profit.

4.Agency license

  • To impress your potential customers, get a portfolio.

The Bad

  • Some of my sought-after functions locked after upselling, e.g., 3D covers and Flipbook function.
    When inserting content from a URL, you must quote the URL source and specify the original author of the URL.

More Cool Features


Do you hate writing?

Can't afford to pay $ 250 – $ 650 at a time to one freelancer writer? No problem! Sqribble automatically fills your e-book with professionally written content from different sources!

Forget staring at a blank screen.

Pull content to your e-book from any URL (such as your blog), or our built-in content database or Word document at the touch of a button!

Automatic content table

Sqribble automatically creates a fully themed table of contents page, offering your readers an incredible user experience.

You can format, reformat and rearrange it whatever you want.

Automatic headers & Footers

Sqribble automatically adds smart headers and footers in your e-book, adding one professional appearance is perfect for that adding your contact details, logos, or branding a great call-to-action on every page.

Automatic page numbering

You save time and effort because every page is numbered automatically for you!

Perfect for professional online publishing and finding readers who are looking for these pages.

Drag, drop technology

A straightforward click to drag and drop content on any page!
Fully customize page layout without your coding or have design skills.

Fully customizable

At the touch of a button, Change your fonts, styles, colors, layouts, and entire color themes.
Make your ebook unique and perfectly tailored to your website or brand.

Add unlimited pages

Tap the small “plus” button, and you can add a new page wherever you want.
Choose from the different blank page, thank you page, table of contents page, or a content page for unlimited possibilities.

Add design elements!

Tap a button to insert new pages, headings, images, icons, backgrounds, new paragraphs and text blocks, dividers, buttons and links,              functions, bullets, and call-to-action areas.
Choose, click, and that's all !!

Create ebook sqribble in three steps

[divider style='full']

Who Can Use Sqribble?

[divider style='full']

Product Creators, Bloggers, Coaches, Consultants, Teachers, Authors, Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Facebook Ads

[divider style='f

What's Included In The Package?

[divider style='full']


Click, Design, Profit

The complete e-book design studio equipped with a user interface Create amazing and first-class professional e-books with beautiful templates in minutes sqribble Tools & Training


Freelance. Clients. Cash
The complete solution to start your design agency
with a commercial license to sell the e-books
And you create a ready-made website
to find customers


Learning, Leverage, Taking off
With the interactive modules of the complete training program
we help you get the most out of the entire Sqribble suite.
With step-by-step tutorials and support, we will support you to use Sqribble properly.

[divider style='full']

Sqribble Support & Training

[divider style='full']

We have developed Sqribble to be very easy to use. Click, design, and publish! We also offer easy-to-follow instructions and useful tutorial videos that are available once you have purchased.

[divider style='full']

How Does Sqribble Works?

[divider style='full']

Now you can instantly create stunning ebooks, reports, and white papers in just three steps.

Create ebooks in 60 seconds

Step 1:

Pick a template
Choose from 50 designs over 15 profitable niches.
Each template comes with professionals page layouts that convert readers into buyers.

Step 2:

Add content immediately
Don't have time to create content? Just enter a URL, and Sqribble automatically creates your pages with fresh, ready-made content!

Step 3:

Customize & publish
Choose a color theme and adjust it to your wishes. Then add or remove
edit pages, headings, images, paragraphs, text blocks,
dividers, buttons and links, attributes, bullets or
call for action areas.

Press “Generate” and That's It!

In about 60 seconds you have just made an eye-grabbing ebook,
that is ready to sell online or give away
this way you can build your list faster than ever!

[divider style='full']

Do you give a money back guarantee?

[divider style='full']

YES! Ordering is completely risk-free. We want everyone to be 100% satisfied with all our products, including Sqribble. If you are not satisfied, send us an email with your proof of purchase for a full refund. At that time, your access to Sqribble will also be withdrawn if you receive a refund.

[divider style='full']

Sqribble Price

[divider style='full']

Generally $ 197, but the special launch price is a one-time $ 47.

[divider style='full']

The Upsells

[divider style='full']

OTO 1: Sqribble professional

Unlock 150 efficient eBook template images and ready-made content for different niches. Very suitable for those who want more variety and content.

Price: $97

OTO 2: Sqribble prime

Every month you receive 15 premium ‘limited edition' new eBook templates that added to your Sqribble dashboard. Sqribble prime will increase your library, and you stand out among other users. Suitable for the average user.

Price: $47

OTO 3: Sqribble fantasia 3D

This OTO has 2-in-1 functions.

1.) A tool for making 3D covers is placed in your dashboard so that you can convert regular sheets into lifelike 3D leaves. Great to get more attention and make your books look more professional. People now judge a book once by its cover.
2.) Create ‘flipbooks' that turn your eBooks into interactive and animated pages. They can be linked anywhere online and can embed on web pages with one piece of code. Fantasia 3D is cool.

Price: $77

OTO 4: Auto Job finder software.

If you are going to use Sqribble to create and sell eBooks, then Auto Job Finder is something that you need. It automatically finds related jobs on various freelance websites and alerts you to view. A considerable gain in time and money.

Price: $197

OTO Sqribble

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My Judgment Of Sqribble

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Without a doubt, Sqribble is a powerful tool for creating e-books. Compared to other tools, it is packed with fantastic features to create expert-looking books, reports, and white papers within minutes.

With automatic content, a drag and drop system and a range of templates and designs ready to adapt to your needs, you will not find a better eBook publishing program than this.

Being cloud-based is also a big bonus. You do not need to download software that makes your computer slower.

Whether you publish books or consistently create reports for yourself or customers,

Sqribble can save you a lot of time and money in the coming months and years. For that reason alone, Sqribble gets my approval.

I highly recommend Sqribble. I Hope you love my review about Sqcribble so if you have any questions leave a reply below in the form.

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Sqribble at a Glance

Name: Sqribble

Website: https://sqribble.com/

Price: $47
Owners: Adeel Chowdhry
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100



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If you immediately decide to buy Sqribble, you will receive these different bonuses for free.

Bonus sqribble templates



(WORTH $195)

These are NOT available anywhere else.

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What Are On Page SEO Techniques – New Techniques 2019

Yellow post-its and a laptop

What Is On Page SEO And What Is Off Page SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Within SEO, a distinction can be made between on page SEO and off page SEO. But what is the difference between these factors? What are page SEO techniques? The word actually says it all: on page SEO stands for all SEO factors that you can adjust within your website or webshop. These factors are the easiest to influence yourself. On-page factors are, therefore, the first to be checked in almost every SEO check. On page SEO factors With on-page SEO factors, you can think of:

  • Titles
  • URL optimization
  • Meta description
  • The use of headings (tags such as H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • SEO optimized media
  • The loading speed of your website
  • The availability of your website on mobile

Off-page, SEO is the counterpart of this.

  • Link building
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Advertise

Together on page SEO and off page SEO provide a complete SEO optimized website or page.

Website or webpage Often there is talk about the SEO optimization of a website, but you should actually view this per webpage. Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are different for every web page and cannot be implemented entirely for 1 website in its entirety.

Persons with laptops coffee and linkbuilding

The Basic Principles Of One-Page SEO

Did you know that leads that end up on your website via SEO have a close rate of no less than 14.6%?

Fantastic. Search engine optimization is nevertheless an item on which many marketers have their teeth broken. Everyone recognizes his power and wants to do something around SEO.

Unfortunately, many drop out because they think they are working with space technology.Honest? Sometimes it feels like that because we are very dependent on Google's whims.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of tweaks, tips, tricks, and secrets to rank well in Google. Moreover, the average marketer can apply this himself.Nevertheless, search engine optimization cannot be underestimated. According to an SEO specialist, you should spend at least five hours a week doing it, but hard work is rewarded.

If you know those tweaks, tips, tricks, and secrets …Because we want to help you and are increasingly asked how SEO should really be used and whether it really contributes to more results, we want to share our tips, tricks, and secrets with you in this manual.

Enjoy reading

1. Before You Begin Writing


Yes, paying the necessary attention to SEO is extremely important. In 2016, it should be an essential building block in everyone's digital strategy. Yet you cannot forget one thing: you talk to people, not robots. Your web pages must, therefore, feel as natural as possible.Your focus keyword must, of course, be present, but never let yourself be tempted by a keyword cacophony. This has bad results in search engines.

Therefore, look for a balance better. One that helps the reader with his goal and that is appreciated by search engines.


From adolescent to a grandparent, everyone searches for information online.

There is a huge chance that there is search volume on one of your products or services.That is why you have to rank in search engines on the keywords that your target audience is searching for.

But how do you know if you have the right keyword? The first thing to do is think about which keywords you want to rank on. If you are an event agency, you must list on “organize the event” and “organize event rules.” Map all these terms and then go to the Jaaxy keyword tool You enter an umbrella term there, and then Jaaxy gives a few dozen suggestions, including the number of monthly searches.


When you start the search for ideal keywords, you also need to know the difference between long tail and broad keywords.

A broad keyword:
  • is very general and usually not explicitly focused on your company
  • has a high search volume
  • has a lot of competition
  • is extremely difficult to score in Google
  • example: sports nutrition
Long-tail keyword:
  • A long-tail keyword is particular and relevant to your company;
  • has a limited to low search volume;
  • has little SEO competition;
  • gives you a lot more chance to score in Google;
  • example: sports nutrition for fitness


Do not try to target multiple keywords with one article.

This is carrying water to the sea. So you can only optimize a page for one keyword.

All the rules that follow you, therefore, apply for that one keyword. If you want to score for multiple keywords, you create a separate page for each keyword.



Your URL must also be optimized. Google attaches great importance to search-friendly URLs.

So make sure that your focus keyword appears in your URL.

Ideally, you should follow the following format:

http://www.example.com/category-keyword/subcategory-keyword/primary- keyword.html

You must, therefore, “clean up” your URL as well as possible. Remove unnecessary words and separate your words with a dash “-.” An underscore does not sound right.

Extra tip: do not repeat the keyword if it is already in the domain name or in the rest of the URL.


Let's clarify: the title tag is not the title of your webpage, but the claim that is visible in the search results.

Make sure you limit this to 55 characters, otherwise Google will tear down your title, and that will look incredibly unprofessional.

Also, consider mobile search behavior here. We should not tell you that many people search via their smartphone.

When they do this, they are on a smaller screen. To provide a short, intelligible title tag.

Extra tip: is there a lot of competition on the keyword? Then place it at the front of the title tag.

example of keyword in title


LSI? It sounds like a nasty disease, but it certainly isn't. LSI keywords are a hugely important part of the Google algorithm.

It shows how Google associates specific keywords with each other.

An example:

When Google “reads” a site about “cars,” this can be about different things.

This can be about cars, the movie “cars” or the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Google analyzes LSI keywords so that they know what your website is about.

You can find LSI keywords via:

  • the Google Keyword Planner
  • the Google auto-suggestion function
  • related searches at the bottom of the search results page



If you determine that your text can also be converted into a list, do this.

Google indicates that books with lists are much more readable and therefore count them as a ranking factor.


When you write an article, you must ensure optimum readability. By applying the right headings, you improve the experience of your readers.

Do this not only for the UX of the readers but also for Google and other search engines.

When they let their bots crawl, your page should be readable by Google's lovely pets.

You do this by adding the correct h-tags. Too many mistakes happen around here.







Tip: Have your keyword appear in h1 and h2 anyway. This is not necessary for the other h-tags. You still write for people.


Dwell time is the time that the visitor stays on your page before returning to the search results.

Google associates low dwell time with low-quality content. To ensure an extended dwell time.

You do this through great, entertaining content. You have already seen that high content scores better for SEO.

See your first paragraph as a pitch. There you have to “sell” the remaining text.

So put a lot of energy into that opening paragraph so that the reader gets the urge to read the rest.

Also make use of beautiful images, summaries, and videos.


Various studies show that longer content (1500+ words) scores better positions than shorter content. Use current search results as a benchmark.


You will also be able to confirm it yourself. If you look up something in Google, which link do you click? Those who look most relevant and professional, right?

Do you have a top 10 position on a keyword? But is your page rarely clicked through? Then your title tag does not match your description.

This description is called the “Meta tag description.”

The text you write in it does not affect your Google ranking factor, but it does change the number of visitors to your article.


It seems simple, but almost everyone sins on the following line: “Make sure your description is completely legible in the search results.”

A year ago, everyone said that your meta description should not be longer than 155 characters.

Because nowadays everyone also searches mobile, we recommend writing a maximum of 115 characters.

Google also shows the date for new arch items. So if you want to be ultimately safe, you better stick to a limit of 100 characters.

Example META TAG description

Example meta description


Internal links within your site are compelling for SEO.

Just look at Wikipedia. Every time they use a keyword in their text for which they

already had a page, they link to that page.

This way, they have a top position for every possible keyword.

Therefore, place as many internal links as possible on your website. This drives you

to the top in Google and boosts the time-on-site


The bounce rate percentage is the number of sessions where one page is loaded

(that is, sessions where the visitor leaves your site on the entry page and does not

click on anything else).

Source: Google

A low bouncer ratio is disadvantageous for SEO and conversion.

In most cases, this is a clear signal that you are not offering content that meets


You can solve this by placing an internal link in the first paragraph. For example,

the visitor still has a “way out” if he does not like the article.


Google will find your article more relevant if you place your keyword in the first

paragraph or first 100 words.

Please note: this does not mean that you should use your keyword as much as

possible in the beginning.


The is generally proven that people are lazy. Yet they put a lot of time into their

personal brand.

That is why they want to share fun content to show that they are working


On the other hand, you want your content to be saved as much as possible.

We have the lazy tweet for that.

With every tip or fact in your content, you have an angle to make a lazy tweet.

You write this tweet in advance, and you make it tweetable with 1 click.

You create lazy tweets with https://clicktotweet.com/


To get a new compliment from Google, you have to link to other websites. This is called an “outbound link.”

Google identifies and qualifies this link. If you link to another page with a lot of authority,

Google will find your page more relevant. Therefore, do not merely relate to any site.

Relevance remains important.

Do you want to check the authority of a site? Then use the Open Site


We recommend adding at least two outbound links per page.


  • You talk to people, not robots. Make sure your keyword does not overshadow the article.
  • Focus on one keyword per page. It is impossible to rank with two keywords on one page.
  • Generate a search-friendly URL. Google and associates like this.
  • Optimize your title tag. Also, consider mobile searches.
  • Use LSI keywords. That way you know what's going on.
  • Respect the HTML syntax. In this way, you promote the experience of your readers and search engines.
  • Take the dwell time into account. This way, you keep visitors on your website longer.
  • Use multimedia and lists. By placing images and summaries, you keep the visitor busy for longer.
  • Provide two outbound links in each article. Google will find your article more relevant.

hope you liked this article. If you have questions, you can fill out the form below.