How Much To Win As A Divi Affiliate – In The Theme Industry?

I love Divi

Divi WordPress Template – More Than a Theme!!

How Much To Win As A Divi Affiliate,

Divi from Elegant Themes is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes of this moment.

Before you start creating a WordPress website, you must choose from one of the many WordPress templates.

In addition to a good template, there are many themes that we would not use instead, and our customers will advise not to use

Some models (with Visual Composer for example) are anything but user-friendly, and other templates are poorly programmed/coded.

A template that we are delighted with is the Divi WordPress template. The Divi Page Builder gives you the option to build advanced pages without having to write the code yourself.

Do you want to do more yourself with your WordPress website? Then use Divi!

How Much To Win As A Divi Affiliate

What is Divi, And What Can You Do With It?

Elegant Themes have developed the Divi WordPress template.

The template is very flexible and specially made for the Divi Page Builder. The Divi Page Builder is an extension of the WordPress content management system that allows you to enter and format pages better.

The Divi WordPress template is not very special, but it is specially optimized for the Divi Page Builder.

The Page Builder can also be used with other WordPress themes, but there is a good chance that you will have to change the style yourself using CSS so that it matches your chosen template.

When You Can And Cannot Use The Divi WordPress Template

For the more experienced WordPress user, Divi (the WordPress template or the page builder) is recommended.

In the beginning, it will take some time to figure out how to enter a page, but after that, it is possible to place a page quickly and adequately.

Divi works best when you use the functions as they have been developed.

If you want more, your web builder can expand or adjust the modules. Another option is, of course, to have a template developed according to your wishes.

The Divi Page Builder can also be used within a custom template.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Divi Page Builder

As we said before, the Divi WordPress template itself is not very special.

The Divi Page Builder makes it possible to create beautiful, more advanced responsive pages.

When you place a page with the standard WordPress Editor, you have few options.

With shortcodes, you can add some items to the page, but shortcodes are often not particularly flexible, and they also do not have a user interface with which you can easily edit articles.

The Divi Page Builder works on the same principle as other page builders (for example Visual Composer, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, etc.), but an advantage is that the Divi Page Builder requires fewer libraries and thus achieves a faster loading time.

Below I show you an overview of the most important advantages and disadvantages of Divi.


  • Examples are available for almost every type of page. For example, for creating a landing page, portfolio, contact page, and more. This has the advantage that you also learn faster how Divi works.
  • No problems with delay. A disadvantage of many page builders is that it takes a lot of time to load an element that you want to edit. A page usually consists of several factors, and this extra loading time can take a long time before you have finally created a website. The Divi Page Builder has much less delay and therefore works very well.5 reasons I love Divi
  • Layouts for your pages can be saved. If you use a standard format for your pages, you can keep its design in the library. A new page is then created in no time. Also, you can choose from the standard page layouts of Divi itself.
  • While setting up each module, you have a Real-time review. After you have added a module to your section, you can immediately check what it looks like at the front. So you don't have to save the page first to view the changes.
  • Experienced users can set each module separately using CSS functions. Not only the content of an item can be changed, but also the background, the font, etc. Besides, you even have the option to change the function using CSS completely.
  • Optimized modules For different sections. You can naturally change the layout. In addition to articles with 1 to 4 columns, you can also insert full width or individual parts. This provides a lot of flexibility.
  • With more than 250,000 Divi users, you might think that every website looks the same. However, this is not the case . With Divi, it is even straightforward to create very different sites.
  • For example, look at the websites that we have created with Divi. The websites of final (English version) and Tekstory are both built with the Divi WordPress template, but still, look different in terms of design.


  • The design of some elements is not very special. The social media buttons or the call to action form, for example, are not particularly advanced. With Divi, you have enough options to create a beautiful and functional website, but at times, you need to be extra creative.
  • It is not possible to repeatedly switch between the standard WordPress mode and the Divi mode. If you do this, the entire page will be lost. If you want to change the text on a page, you will have to do this in the Divi text module.
  • The standard layout sometimes has distances that are too large. When you start a new website project, you must correct it again and again.
  • There is no manual available for developers. If you want to implement a significant change, you will first have to investigate this yourself. There is no separate manual available with information about modifying or writing modules. The different CSS classes for the elements or the responsive grid are currently unavailable.

How Does The Divi Builder Work?

It is effortless to use Divi Builder to create a page; we show you how to enter the Blurb module. Above you will find an example of the result and the steps that have been taken.Divi the newest website page builder

First, choose the pages you want to edit or create a new page. You then decide to use the Divi build-up function.

An empty standard section will appear on the new page. Under the standard part, you could add a new standard part.

There is a row in the section to which you can add the various elements. In the row, you can choose from the number of columns by clicking on it.

Choose three columns if you want three elements next to each other.

Click the plus sign to insert a module. Here you have different options, but we opt for the blurb.

Then a popup appears with the settings, including the title, image, and text. Then click on save & exit.

The first blurb has been placed! You can also add other items to your pages in the same way.

At Last, the library of content elements available is impressive:

Divi the library of content elements


Divi 3.0: The Future Of WYSIWYG

Building a page with the Divi Builder was already very easy but since autumn 2018. What are the benefits of the new front end builder in Divi 3.0?

You can immediately see what the changes will look like. Via the backend developer, you must first save the changes before you can view them.

Each element can be changed completely. All settings that are available in the back end can also be opened at the front, so you don't have to go back to the back end first to make small adjustments.

The Visual Builder works incredibly fast

Short or even no loading time.

Text can also be easily changed on the page itself. Click on the line and start typing.

Page elements can be enlarged and moved with the mouse. Organizing a page has never been easier.

Benefit from responsive editing. The size of the page can be changed so that you can also see how the page looks on your mobile and tablet.

At final websites, we find the new Divi 3.0 functions very time-saving!

How Much Does The Divi Theme Cost?

You can get the Divi WordPress template (incl. Page-builder) at Elegant themes for $89 a year.

For this, you also receive the other templates and technical support (via the forum), but no extra WordPress plugins.

If you use WordPress hosting at final websites, you can not only use the Divi WordPress template for free, but also the other plugins and models of Elegant themes, including Monarch, Bloom, and more.


Do I Have To Use Divi Forever?

Before you start a website with the Divi Builder, it is essential to know that switching to a website without the Divi Builder is not easy.

The moment you remove Divi from your website, the Divi shortcodes will continue to exist and will not be translated by WordPress into the various theme elements.

It is possible to remove the shortcodes, but that is too complicated, and you still have to rebuild your pages.

Of course, you can change the WordPress template, as long as you keep using the Divi Builder (the style of some elements will probably have to be changed).

This may seem like a disadvantage, but when you like Divi, your website can last for years with Divi!

At the time I wrote this review, Divi was the page builder for many websites that we then built. With the rise of Elementor,

Divi is no longer the only choice, and more and more sites with Ocean WP and Elementor are being constructed.

Is Divi less good now?

No, Divi always gets five stars.


With the Divi Builder 3.0, Elegant Themes has delivered a beautiful front-end editor.

Elegant themes WordPress themes

Indeed, in combination with their own Divi theme, you can very quickly put together beautiful pages because the elements are already very nicely designed by default.

For people who are visually oriented, the Visual Builder offers a beautiful experience, although you have to give yourself the time to get used to the minimalist interface.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about this Divi Theme of want to leave your OWN personal, review leave a comment below.

Visit the Divi Website

How Video Marketing Is The New Video Marketing

Video youtube

What Is Video Marketing?

How Video Marketing Is The New Video Marketing; Video is the fastest growing form of content marketing. And that's not surprising: our brain processes images faster than text.

People like video because it comes in nicely. Marketers because it is an attractive, versatile, and extremely divisible medium.

What Can You Expect This Year In The Field Of The Video?

I take a look at several exciting video trends, and immediately give you some tips on how you can apply the patterns yourself. Video is immiscible in content marketing!

What Is A Video Marketing Strategy?

It is a strategy to use videos so that you achieve specific goals. For most entrepreneurs, the goal will be: to get more customers and more revenue.

As the word “strategy” already indicates, it is a plan to achieve something.

If you make such a plan, take the following tips and tricks into account.

Talk The Language Of Your Audience

Video has turned into a natural language with its own principles and laws.

A standout among the most important guidelines is that you should talk about the style of your outside group.

What video content do they use?

How can you help them?

What do they find motivating?

Your to need to ace that language? Your need to join the right content in your video.

Read My Review About  TubeTarget A great Video Tool!

How Long Can A Video Take?

Two minutes is a fundamental point in most analyzes, in many investigations, yet don't be put off: as a brand, you can create both short and long recordings.

The decision relies upon the subject, the inclusion of the outside group, and the medium on which the video is advertised.

Both a top to bottom report without anyone else media condition and a short video or six seconds via web-based networking media can carry out their responsibility.

What Can Your Expect This Year In The Field Of The Video?

Perhaps you immediately think of an expensive investment with video. Something that costs a lot of time and money, and therefore has to see as many people as possible.

I think that in 2019 we will not only use “massive” videos but more “1-to-1” videos.

For example, you can send potential customers a short personal video, fully tailor coaching videos to the recipient, thank new customers, or keep colleagues informed internally via 1-on-1 video.


  • These videos should not be perfect. Take them for example with a telephone
  •  Keep in mind audio, light, and proper framing
  •  Make it extra personal by mentioning a name
  •  For example, use Hubspot to send video via e-mail and track openingsVideo youtube

Make A Series

Make a series with a recognizable video style. The opening, the video style and the presenter should preferably be the same.

Provide valuable information. Prevent viewers from dropping out. Make comprehensible videos.

Decide what you want to achieve with that series.

Make each video so that you can view it separately from the rest of the videos in the series, but that they also form one whole.

Show Yourself

As an independent entrepreneur you are the face of your company.

Let yourself see and hear in the video.

Do not hide yourself behind a spoken or animated video. By presenting yourself in the video, you create much more confidence than you don't.

Call To Action

A video without a call to action is a video with no return. So keep the viewer “on the line” to prevent him / her from doing anything else than you want.

With a “call to action” you give the viewer a sequel to your video. You reach the next step on the way to the top. You decide how many steps your ladder consists of.

Your can make your ladder so short that in a call to action you can call on the viewer to purchase a certain product.

Apply the “call to action” correctly, otherwise you have a good chance that your action will not be followed up.

Distribute The Videos On Social Media

Of course the videos you make must be viewed. After all, no viewers is not a result of your video.

Distribute your videos on social media where your target group can be found.

This is usually the social media that you already use. By (also) publishing / hosting your videos on YouTube you increase the chance of new viewers and therefore new customers.

What Is A Video Marketing Campaign?

A video marketing campaign is a series of videos that you use for your company to get more customers.

The videos have a clear purpose and are tailored to your target group.

The campaign also determines how and via which social media channels the videos are used.

Strategy And Vision

A good strategy is essential. The strategy includes the following questions / components:

  • What do you want to achieve with the video marketing campaign?
  • Who is your target group?
  • In what way are you currently connected to your target group?
  • Which product or service do you want to promote?
  • Where do you want to use the videos: on your website, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc?
  • How are you going to promote your video on social media? Which parties or advisers do you involve in your campaign, or do you want to do it all by yourself?
  • What will be the appearance / background of your video?
  • How is the video set up?
  • What kind of video will it be?
  • What is the budget and what do you want for this as a result?

So a lot of questions. After all, a campaign requires attention, vision and strategy. After all, it has to deliver something.

Video film

How Do I Promote My Video Marketing?

These three points are the take aways of the previous blog post that you should definitely remember:

  1.  Determine the purpose of your video well in advance & think about what you want users to do after seeing       your video,
  2.  Develop the concept of your video together with creatives and online specialists,
  3.  Analyze & edit your video in YouTube for optimum results.

Of course you can only start analyzing when you have had views. So we address the question “Which channels can we used to promote the video and generate views”.

Much is written about media strategy and approach. A handy division into media that I like to use is Paid, Owned and Earned.

It gives the advertiser a better picture of which media channels he controls himself and for what he pays and through which he receives positive (word of mouth) advertising. With the latter, I naturally form on all social media.

But do not immediately expect an increase in sales. Think in terms of attainable mini conversions.

Think in small steps through which you can build a relationship with your target audience. Some examples:

  • Subscription to your YouTube Channel,
  • Registration for your newsletter,
  • Become a fan of your Facebook page
  • Opening a test account,
  •  ….

Don't run too fast. It is not because someone likes your video that they will run straight to the store to buy your product.

You can of course promote your video through various channels and below I describe the options.

Owned Media

Owned media therefore basically includes all channels where you as an advertiser have 100% control over the content. In this case we will talk about your website / blog and your YouTube channel. But how do you use this optimally? A few tips:

Tip 1 – Your (YouTube) channel is your banner

Make sure that you leave a good first impression with users on a user channel. Make sure that:

  • You have a custom background and your profile information is fully entered
  • Your videos may be organized in different themes (features playlists),
  • You can link to other (YouTube) channels, website or social profiles.

It is important to know that YouTube applies a principle of channel authority and that the above factors indirectly impact inbound links, likes and comments in addition to the relevance and quality of your videos.

Tip 2 – Optimize your video material (video SEO)

Just like with traditional search engine optimization, YouTube analyzes the relevance of your video for the user.

So it is very important that you reach the right audience.

Factors such as number of views, but especially time watched, are important factors that influence the ranking of your video & determine whether your video appears in the list of recommended videos.

The assignment is therefore to attract the right audience and to fascinate them with your content. So focus on the user and optimize your video using the following elements:

  • Title: Integrate your most important keyword  in the title of the video with a clear call to action.
  • It is advisable to do keyword research in the concept phase to get an idea of the topics and words that are frequently searched for that are relevant to your video!
  • Descriptions: Provide a good copy that describes what the user can expect and add a clear call 2 action to convince him to click. If the expectation is not met, the user will drop out with all the consequences that entails.
  • Annotations: handy to use in the video itself to indicate the moment you are going to talk about a certain topic in your video. So gives a possibility to process extra keywords,
  • Transcript: often overlooked but very handy. The transcript offers the possibility to integrate the full text of the video.
  • Tags: it is recommended to process up to 10 tags that are representative of the content. Base them on keyword research.

To make your video rank faster, it is advisable to optimize these basic elements when uploading your video.

However, it is not a guarantee of success because you depend on the level of competition on the keywords and the other ranking factors that YouTube uses.

Video subscribe


Tip 3 – Use your own website and / or blog and allow embedding.

YouTube also looks at inbound links on the video in the ranking factors for your video.

This is, just like with traditional search engine optimization, an indicator of relevance and has an effect on channel authority.

It is therefore advisable to make a link from your website or blog to the video or to allow third parties to include their site (embed). Also include your videos in a video sitemap!

This is a good way to get your video distributed and counts as a good indicator of the quality and relevance of your video.

Websites will only record a video if they really see added value for their visitors.

The views that are generated on an external site are included in the general view count. So keep a close eye on the traffic sources of your video in YouTube Analytic!

Paid Media

Tip 4 – Build up volume with the help of video advertising

Since views and time watched are an important indicator for ranking your video in Google, it is also worth considering promoting your video using video advertising within YouTube.

This way you can generate more volume on your video in the short term.

YouTube offers two different ways to advertise. Based on reservation or via Adwords for video. How you purchase the campaign and which formats you use best depends on your goal.

Reservation based purchase has the advantage that you more or less have a guarantee on the volume of people that you can reach depending on your target group criteria.

The disadvantage of this way of advertising is that, for example, the preroll format is not stoppable and that you pay on a CPM basis.

Mastheads on the homepage of YouTube offer a lot of possibilities for creativity and really put your video in the spotlight.

Example Masthead:

Advertising with AdWords for video has the great advantage that the campaign can managed and optimized.

Another big advantage is that you only pay for real views based on a cost per view. The disadvantage is that you obviously have no guarantee of visibility. This is determined your bid strategy within the Google auction system.

During the duration of your campaign you also best analyze the contribution of the used ad formats in order to further optimize your campaign results.

For more details about the different formats, pros, cons and best practices, we refer you to the “YouTube Best Practices and Insights” presentation presented at Bloovi Event Search University 2013:

Earned Media

Tip 5 – Use your social media profiles

To just kick in an open door. Share your video on all social profiles that you have available. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your Facebook page, your Google+ page and other suitable channels.

YouTube registers the sources through which people view your video material and a large distribution means a greater reach.

And where credit is due, if your video is tasted, it will be liked and shared.

But make sure you are prepared for all scenarios, both negative and positive, and monitor your statistics and possibly social media. Sometimes the ball rolls differently like you.

Video video

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Because the benefits don't lie.

  • Explain complex products or services better and faster
  • Use videos as a manual for customers.
  • Make your company more personal with authentic videos.
  • Use videos for StoryTelling and Content Marketing.
  • And … videos increase confidence and thereby stimulate sales.

But that is not the only thing.

More reasons why Online Video Marketing works?

Yes, there are more reasons why you should not ignore this.

I have listed it for you.

The facts, the figures. And what else online video marketing delivers:

  • People stay on a website longer – also good for Google's position
  • The conversion gets a boost – quite important in the process from lead to customer
  • The find ability increases – not wrong to get leads anyway


There are of course many more video trends to spot than we have described above. In my opinion, these are the largest for the coming year.

The fact that video is becoming more important is also evident from the fact that Google makes videos easier to find.

A few years ago a photo was even easier to find than a video. This is no longer the case today.

Video is always and everywhere.

It makes our work more relevant and we make more people happy.

The last thing I want to share is what you as an organization will do in the field of video marketing in 2019: make a plan.

Do nothing without strategy. Otherwise, gambling or what you do works. And does it not work? Then it's just a waste of money. If you have any questions please leave them below.

Read My Review About TubeTarget! A Great Video Tool!




How To Use TubeTarget On A Spectacular Way!


TubeTarget ReviewTubeTarget

Name: TubeTarget


Price: TubeTarget Elite Monthly $9,95, TubeTarget Elite one time $29,15

Owners: Cyril Gupta

Skill: all levels

Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Recommend: highly recommended

Introduction TubeTarget

Hello, it's Nelly again please read my « How To Use TubeTarget On A Spectacular Way » review!

Video marketing is becoming more popular every day. If you want to conquer the market, you will have to make and distribute videos.

Facebook and YouTube are the world's largest social platforms, a dream when it comes to advertising. Most marketers prefer YouTube because Facebook is more expensive and harder to reach your goals.

With advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Twitter, you must know your audience as well as with YouTube.

Why waste money on people who are not interested in your product? If you cannot reach the right people meticulously, it makes little sense to distribute your video.

Then there is TubeTarget to help you find the right audience without investing in expensive advertisements. In my opinion, the tube target is the solution you are looking for to get the most out of your ads.

Discover the product here!

Tube Target Software

About The Owner Cyril Gupta

Cyril Gupta is no unknown name in online marketing. He is CEO of Teknikforce.

His products are a significant advantage for a few niches, such as Video Marketing, SEO, Social Media, WordPress.

Before Cyril Gupta launched Tube Target, he has also released many other successful launches, such as

  • PinFlux2
  • MailEngine
  • primate
  • Live caster 3
  • Mobiflux
  • Leads2List
  • Tweet Push

This software is a top product. I am convinced that TubeTarget will certainly not be an exception.


Button Learn More


What Is TubeTarget?

TubeTarget is a powerful YouTube software with marketing training so How To Use TubeTarget On A Spectacular Way!

With this software, you can explore niches and create compelling videos and fine tune everything that your target audience is viewing.

The product makes it easier to trigger them. That way you can reach your potential customers without expensive advertisements.

Just within three steps, this excellent targeting tool will give you unlimited traffic.

Does this sound good or not?

Just click here to share it!

The Pros & The Cons

The Good

  • Find the exact videos
  • High quality clicks for a lower price
  • You can target the audience well based on their interest
  • Very responsible online help desk
  • Best quality
  • Works on both Mac and PC
  • Fair price
  • You do not need any skills or experiences
  • 30-day money back guarantee

The Cons

  • It would help if you had a good internet connection to run the program

Who Should Use TubeTarget?

Ecom Marketer

  • Receive more sales for the same investment and
  • Get cheaper and traffic than Facebook

Content Marketers

  • Create an influential video blog and build your audience with targeted traffic from YouTube

Offline companies

  • YouTube can be the difference between customers looking for you and searching for customers yourself.
  • Information about the target group and who will benefit from the product

Social Media Marketers

  • Get traffic from the world's largest social network.

Affiliate marketers

  • Receive sales from the world's most powerful traffic source.

Product Vendors

  • Grab quality leads from the best influencers

How Does TubeTarget Works?


TubeTarget Tools 

Create Campaigns

Create targeted campaigns on your niche or keyword to easily find all sources in one place whenever you want.

Channel Finder

  • Your ability to convert becomes fabulous if you find the right monetized channels
  • Video Finder
  • For every niche or search term, you will find hundreds of videos with income
  • Advanced video analysis: indicate how much traffic it can send you for optimization
  • Finder locator
  • Gives you more insights with more than 100 keywords
  • Create powerful campaigns
  • Create a CSV file with Google

Video Finder

Enter a keyword (read my review about Jaaxy keywordtool) and find a mega selection of monitored videos that you can directly target with your ads.

You cannot create profitable advertisements without the necessary knowledge and the right training. The training gives you all the skills you need to dominate YouTube ads.

Keyword Finder

If you want more targeting ideas, the keyword finder gives you many more keywords based on each keyword you give him.

Video Info Finder

Thoroughly analyze each video for retargeting using the robust video analyzer to assess how much traffic it can send you.

TubeTarget Training

  • Find the exact monitored channels that will give you the best results for « How To Use TubeTarget On A Spectacular Way » increasing your ability to convert.
  • You will find hundreds of monitored videos for each niche.
  • Create powerful campaigns by bringing together all the channels and videos you want to target to get more views and engagements.
  • High quality clicks for literal pennies. Grab new leads and sales for inexpensive and even successful content marketers.
  • Active hyper-modern YouTube advertising training guides you through all the necessary knowledge to run error-free, highly profitable advertisements.

TubeTarget SupportGuarantee TubeTarget

  • You get the guarantee of quality support. When you buy from Teknikforce,
  • 24 x 7 Live Chat support
  • We have 24 x 7 chat support problems using Tube Target, go to this website, and talk to our support staff. We are always there to guide you.
  • 24-hour ticket response guarantee
  • Ticket support, you have a guaranteed answer within 24 hours.

TubeTarget Price

You can take a monthly subscription for $9,95 or make a one-time payment of $29,15.

With this, you can create up to 3 campaigns. Each campaign can contain a maximum of 100 videos and 30 channels.

As with most products, there are upsells.

TubeTarget has four upsells or One Time Offers (OTO)

OTO 1 – TubeTarget Pro

Price: $ 67

In addition to the regular version, you can now create unlimited campaigns.

They also offer you a series of created landing pages so that you can collect e-mail addresses for e-mail marketing.

OTO 2 – TubeTarget Agency

Price: $9,95

The product gives you free traffic along with you paid. This software is considered the top class.

OTO 3 – SiteContact Pro

Price: $ 47

This software generates new leads for you. It will put you in touch with those who have visited your Facebook site.

OTO 4 – Memester Pro

Price: $29,15

With this software, you can keep track of your own YouTube channels and those of others and arrange them by numbers.

Read My Review About Video Marketing

What Will You Learn? (source TubeTarget)


  • An introduction to YouTube Ads and why you need them
  • YouTube Ads versus Facebook Ads

Chapter 2: SETUP

  • Getting started with YouTube Ads on Google Adwords
  • TrueView (In stream or Discovery) ads
  • Bumper ç
  • Overlay AdsSpondored Cards
  • Setting up your first campaign

Chapter 3: AD BASICSTools TubeTarget

  • Creating videos for YouTube Ads
  • Google Ads Basics

Chapter 4: TARGETING

  •  demographics
  •  Keywords
  •  Channels
  •  Videos


  • Why is Placement targeting the best way
  • Using TubeTarget to find Placements


  • YouTube ads bidding optimization
  • Optimizing the running ads


  • Remarketing setup
  • Monitoring conversions
  • Remarketing tips

Do you have reason to resist this fantastic product? TubeTarget software takes you on the right track to YouTube Marketing Success.

My Final Opinion of TubeTarget

What is Tube Target? But after researching the product, I must say that I think the product is generally reasonable.

This software can be efficient for people who want to pay for advertisements on YouTube.

Advertising on Youtube becomes popular because Facebook becomes very expensive. YouTube is a cheaper and better choice.

Organizing your campaigns and finding the right videos or channels on which you want to place your ad can also be very practical.

The product is a beautiful way to find your target group and can save you much time, that's the great thing about it.

This product is perfect for video marketing when it comes to paying for advertisements. This product does teach you how to start your own business from the start.

To place an ad, you have to advertise something.

I am a member of a community-based platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most important platform for online marketing.

If you want to make money online for the first time, then you will make many mistakes and be scammed just like me and many others.

To make money online, you must set up a business. There is no quick rich program at the push of a button that generates thousands.

If you see such an advertisement of thousands to generate in minutes, then it is a scam.

Support and guidance are the most important, starting from scratch.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of successful marketers who are all willing to help.

There is 24/7 live support. You can try this for free without using your credit card

See my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more information about this beautiful community before you make a decision.

Wealthy Affiliate does everything to make you succeed. All you have to do is beginning.

I am here to help you if you have questions or have your own opinion. Leave a comment below.

Just click here to share it!

TubeTarget at a Glance

Name: TubeTarget


Price: TubeTarget Elite Monthly $9,95, TubeTarget Elite one time $29,15

Owners: Cyril Gupta

Overall Rank: 98/100


Get instant acces

How To Learn Quick Search Engine Optimization? (And Why It Matters)


Learn SEO 2019 With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies 

SEO 2019

Name: SEO 2019: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies


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Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

About The AuthorAdam Clarck

Adam Clarks Author of SEO 2019, the number one bestseller of all SEO books.

Adam loves writing with a casual and fluent writing style, making complicated topics easy to understand.

When he is not writing, Adam likes to have fun with his dogs, walk with friends, drink coffee, and read a good book.

SEO 2019 Product Overview

I don't care what your background is, the book SEO 2019 shows you different search engine optimization techniques that are used to grow countless businesses online, meticulous tips to score high in Google and how you can get a lot of Visitors with SEO.

First, let me tell you a little mystery about SEO marketing!

You get a lot of bad advice for search engine optimization on the internet.

You have probably noticed two things when you have searched the secret for search engine optimization:

Most online SEO advice is old or just wrong.

  •  Most SEO advice is old or just wholly wrong
  •  Due to the regular updates from Google, many popular SEO optimization strategies have become pointless.


Google is always evolving. New changes:

In August 2018, Google  released a sector moving update

  • the “Medic Update”
  • “Your Money or Your Life Update.”

In July 2018 Google Speakable Markup, so it becomes easier to record searches.

In March 2018 Google's pioneering ‘Mobile First Index' is announced. The rating of the search results has measured.

SEO 2019 edits these latest updates to the Google algorithm and how you can use them in your value.

This book also reveals potential changes in 2019. With this well-selling SEO book, you learn SEO from a thorough level, achieve a top position, and generate a lot of new visitors to your site.

Great SEO optimization strategies are useless.



1. Important SEO concepts, from beginner to advanced.
2. Crooked tricks to get companies to score high with local SEO.
3. How the Google algorithm calculates the search results
4. How to find “profitable” keywords that customers will send to your website.
5. Basic and advanced link building strategies to push your rankings higher.
6. Six insider sources to get free SEO or internet marketing advice worth thousands of dollars.
7. How you can use social media and web analytics to improve your results

Experts use powerful link building techniques to gain a lot of traffic and thus reach top positions.

Link building is the most influential factor to score high in Google.

Unfortunately, most handling methods are not right.

This chapter guides you through new and robust techniques with Google.

Now expanded with more tactics for creating links and extra hints for more advanced readers.

Sidestep the 2019 Google updates

Move the Google Updates from 2019

Issues caused by Google updates are irreversible, but you need the correct awareness. This book unveiled:

  • how do you get your site at the top in Google by the internal mechanics of Google's algorithm
  • Latest Google updates: Mobile First Index, Google Speed update, Google Hawk update, Google FRED update, and more …
  • Potential updates are coming in 2019.
  • Steps to recover from Google sanctions

And read the particular bonus chapter on pay-per-click advertising

In this bonus, learn to quickly set up pay-per-click advertising campaigns with Google AdWords and send customers to your site overnight, literally.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • newbie friendly
  • clearly
  • informative

The Bad:

  • If you are a beginner, there are not enough details about how to do SEO.

SEO 2019 Tools & Training

Tools and Plugins now and then the author tells, he also often refers to use plugins.

Not always a specific one, but at least you know that a particular “problem” is easy to solve.

He also regularly quotes the Yoast plugin.

You may know it from the traffic light system.

While I read more and more negative stories about it because it is not a watertight system,

Adam cites it as a practical tool to be able to arrange several things on the website.

Not so much the bullet system, but the adjustment of the title and the editing of the snippet and the social functions.

Read the individual bonus chapter about pay per click advertising.

Google AdWords send customers to your site overnight by advertising campaigns.

This bonus teaches you, quickly set up pay-per-click advertising campaigns with Google AdWords, and send customers to your site overnight, literally.

SEO 2019 reviews (source Amazon)

Customer review

Who SEO 2019?

It is certainly worth the effort to read the book

In SEO 2019, you learn search engine optimization with creative internet marketing strategies.

This book contains everything for beginners to advanced.

There were many sources mentioned in the book that show the world of Google's search engine.

You have learned a lot that you did not know existed.

Many topics are discussed, including keyword research, web analysis, and link building and even includes multiple tools to help you complete the tasks from the book.

Is This Easy Guide Worth Reading??

It is certainly worth the effort to read the book

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

The book covered everything from necessary information on how Google works to take you to go through the technical steps of marketing a company in the search results.

Adam has written this book in less than 24 hours and emphasized many notes and various factors to further investigate SEO.

After writing this book, he immediately worked with his website developer on the findings to refine my business. I

He has already started dealing with many of the characters have picked up in the book and have seen results in less than a week.

He was grateful for the external sources and unique techniques that he can use. Het book is uncomplicated and easy to understand.

This book covers everything for beginners to advanced.

SEO 2019 Price

Price paperback: $14

Kindle: $7,57

Why Did I Choose This Book?

Because there was a ton of positive reviews, and I'm in the process of mastering local SEO and local business lead generation online.

I wish there were more specifics and how to do SEO.

I hope this was a more practical guide. It's a lot like a report on SEO, the history, speculation on future Google updates, etc.

It could be much more applicable for optimizing a site, though it did an excellent job providing most of those details.

This book covers all that and then gives the most honest and realistic advice.

It does get pretty technical, so if you know nothing about SEO or digital marketing,

Perhaps you want to make discoveries yourself to ensure yourself understand the discussed terms and what they mean to your business's specific needs.

My Final Opinion Of SEO 2019

In short: if you seriously want to get started with SEO, if you can find your way around WordPress a little bit, then this is a practical and well-arranged book with which you can lift your SEO (skills) to a higher level.

Watch out that this book will not be in the hands of your competitors. Grow your business to a higher level with this book.

I hope you found this review valuable?

What is your idea about this review  SEO 2019

You can fill in a form below if you have any questions. I will answer within 24 hours.

Would you share this review to help others?

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SEO 2019 at a Glance...

Name: SEO 2019: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies


Price: $14,09

Owners: Adam Clarke

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

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How To Discovery Digital Marketing And Make Money?

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Trends 2019



After the creation of The Internet, a lot of change. We spend twice as much time on the internet.
The old marketing methods are less effective than a few years ago.

We have unlimited access to the internet for all possible information. The way we make purchases is changed.

Marketing is about connecting with the target group, in the right place and at the right time.

At the moment this means that you have to meet your intended customers where they spend the most time: on the internet.
That is where Digital Marketing starts.

Digital Marketing is an overarching term for all your online marketing efforts.
You can read in this article all about “How To Discovery Digital Marketing And Make Money.”

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also called online marketing and internet marketing. This way of marketing always includes via the internet and new media. Digital marketing contains these domains:

1. Search Engine Optimization

If you want to score higher in the Google search engine, you have to optimize your website.

Later you see how you can do this.

To be at the top of page 1 of Google, you don't have to invest at all.

This medium is about getting organic traffic.

The goal of SEO is that you write striking and interesting content to appeal to a larger audience.

This way, you interact with your website via social media, and you can respond to that.

Digital marketing

2. Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Is setting up a profitable advertising campaign. By setting budgets, the most significant costs per click you can control these costs.

The aim is to convert all people who came to the website through a paid click to a customer. The latter is called conversion.

3. Social Media Marketing

You can increase the reputation of your product or service through social media marketing.

There are many social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedln and Facebook.

4. Google Ads

Google has developed an advertising platform where advertisers pay to place their ads. To generate traffic, leads, and sales through all Google advertising networks.

5. E-mail Marketing

You can send commercial messages to a group of people via e-mail. There are various programs such as Mail Chimp, Weber that help you send a lot of e-mails.

6. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC Is an ad network that set up an advertising model where advertisers pay when a visitor clicks on an ad. On search engines, content websites, and blogs, Pay per click advertisements are released.

7. Influence Marketing

A person or group is deployed to influence the behavior of the target group. The influences have many followers on social media; The actions have many followers on social media; which they use continuously.

8. Content Marketing

Content marketing is content and pleasant way to offer prices and potential customers a helping hand without directly glorifying your product or service. You deliver valuable information that helps them make better choices or get more out of your product or service.


Social marketing


9. Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a limited new marketing technique and happens through word of mouth. This marketing technique uses existing social networks to spread the marketing message as quickly as possible as a viral epidemic.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of internet marketing in which advertisers reward their affiliates (sellers) for the sales or leads created by the member.

Members can do this by placing advertisements from advertisers on their site, among other things.

If a sale or lead follows, the affiliate receives compensation from the advertiser.


11. Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Is setting up a profitable advertising campaign. By setting

Budgets, the most significant costs per click you can control these costs.

The aim is to convert all people who came to the website through a paid click to a customer. The latter is called conversion.

The Basics Of Digital Marketing?

  • You need a website
  • Regularly deliver good content
  • Building a constant stream of visitors
  • Promoting Robotization
  • Join social networks

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Global Reach

For only a small investment, you can find new markets worldwide with a website and trade with them.

Lower cost

You can reach the right customers if you make a well-planned and effectively targeted digital marketing campaign

Makes a well-planned and effectively focused digital marketing campaign.

Measure Results

Measuring your online marketing with web examination and other online measurement tools makes it simpler to decide how influential your campaigners have been. Digital marketing

You can get Nitty gritty data about how clients utilize your site or react to your promotions. Web analyzing can be set up to show you precisely how a lot of cash you gain with each digital strategy.


If your customer database is related to your site, you can greet the people who visited your website with proposals. You can refine your consumer profile the more they buy from you and how you can effectively market them.


By working with and managing social media carefully, you can produce customer loyalty and build a reputation because you can quickly get started with it.

Social currency

With digital marketing, you can create engaging campaigns or rich content.

On the web, these battles can win social money – be exchanged from client to client and become viral.

Improved Transformation Rates

If you have a website, your customers are just a few clicks away from a purchase. Digital marketing can be consistent and fast.

Higher Revenues

An excellent digital marketing tactic would bring you more profit.

Firms involved in digital marketing optimize conversion rates to achieve the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for companies.
Join social networks

The Future Of Affiliate Marketing? Will It Die Or Not?

Affiliate marketing has been around for twenty years; marketing has been around for more than 20 years. There are currently more prospects than at any time in recent memory.

The reason is that large organizations are there.

The motivation behind why large organizations have turned out there because individuals invest more energy online as well as spend additional time purchasing things on the web.

If you want to know everything about blogging and affiliate marketing, you can get started for free here. Below the site, there is a form that you can fill out if you have any questions.


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Digital Marketing Or Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the strategies of digital marketing.

Content marketing includes all types of marketing where content or information is created and distributed for the consumer.

This content can be both textual and audiovisual, ranging from news and blog posts to case studies and manuals to videos and infographics.

If you write relevant and qualitative content, such as in blogs, videos, and infographics, you can attract more visitors via social media and SEO.

Digital marketing includes search engine marketing, social media marketing (SMM), e-mail marketing, content marketing and this to properly promote the promotion of your products.

It is best to use as many marketing areas as possible to get the best results.

How Would I Become An Affiliate Marketing Master Like Neil Patel?

To become such a big marketer as Neil Patel, you have to start at the beginning. I can give you as many tips as you want, but if you do not have the basics, you are not happy with it.

Let me introduce you to the Wealthy Affiliate platform — the best online company where you learn everything about affiliate marketing from step one. There are so many courses, videos, community, lots of help, and so much more.

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Can I Make 6 Figures In Affiliate Marketing Per Year?

Yes, indeed you can make six figures in affiliate marketing. The first tip I can give you to be successful in affiliate marketing is to follow a stable course. You can find this training here.
On this platform, you learn everything from scratch. Just take a look, it's FREE. It is not a quick rich program; it needs time. And perseverance is the message. What do you think? Are you going to start?

Become a good marketer

Useful Digital Marketing Tools

Content Ideas

Google trends

Google Trends a Google service that allows you to see the popularity and direction of all sorts of search terms.


SERP means Search Engine Results Page, an all-in-one SEO research tool with great functions at a reasonably affordable price.

Finding an affordable all-in-one SEO research tool was almost impossible; SEO tools such as Ahrefs, MOZ, and Semrush start around $70 pm.


BuzzSumo is a tool that encourages you to find your online world.

If you click on the Trending Content tab, you will get a page with the trendiest news items.


Ahrefs is an online measuring tool for analyzing your website.

It helps you submit topics for new articles!

You can measure all kinds of things about your website, such as the number of backlinks, analysis of your content, position in search engines.


Quora is an online platform where you can ask questions about any subject. This way, you can write content about your topic.

Keyword tools


Ubersuggest is a free online tool from Neil Patel that helps you with your keyword research.

You enter a specific term in the machine and return; you get a lot of keyword suggestions, including information that enables you to choose the best word.


KWfinder is one of the best keyword tools for finding long tail keywords and is also an analysis tool. Very accurate keyword research data are reporting.

Keyword tool io

Keyword tool io is a tool to find new niche keywords in Google, Bing; YouTube in your language and niche.


Jaaxy is the only keyword and study platform in the world that is built by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers.

There is an excellent range of arms on techniques which can be very time eating about your business. Key-word and competition studies can now be a breeze!

Jaaxy is the most favorable advanced platform in the world. You can do keyword research with all the factors that Jaaxy has.

If you want to know more about Jaaxy you can read my review here.

Are you ready to meet Jaaxy?



Co Schedule Headline Analyzer

Co Schedule Headline Analyzer I an online site that proposes improvements for your headlines. You should give it a try, and it's free. You get more traffic, better search results, and shares.

Grammar Tools


Grammar is an online spelling checker that checks for spelling mistakes, sentence structure, synonyms and tips on how to write something in the best way.

Hemingway app

The Hemingway app is an editor that corrects grammar and sentence structure to help you learn to write better.

Copy Write Images


Pixabay is a platform of creatives who share photo copyright-free images and videos.


Pexels helps designers, bloggers, and anyone looking for an image to find great photos that you can use anywhere for free.


With Unsplash, all images have the same license: you can use all photos for free, also commercially. You do not need to request permission or mention a source. You can also adjust, distribute, and more the images to your liking.

Which Is The Best Digital Marketing Course?

There are many online digital marketing courses. You can go directly to the Google Digital Workshop source.

After many courses, I found the best!

My first recommendation goes to Wealthy Affiliate; It is a public education where you can learn everything about affiliate marketing through self-study.

WA connect thousands of entrepreneurs with each other, during training, with affiliate marketing partnerships, and on social media networks.

What is Wealthy Affiliate's mission?

Wealthy Affiliate wants to make it possible for everyone to become successful online marketers through the right training and guidance.

How Do I Earn In Affiliate Marketing?

If you promote products or services on your website you get a commission when you sell something.

It's the fastest way to make money but doesn't think it's a quick rich program! It all depends on how much time you spend.

Your performance is analyzed by the affiliate network to which you are connected.


In the past, your marketing tactics were not automated. You did your SEO and your social media marketing and blog on various platforms. Now everything can be done on one platform.

The problem with this was that it became almost impossible to let all these different technologies communicate with each other. And this made it completely impossible to get a clear overview of your marketing activities.

This connection has disappeared since the emergence of integrated marketing platforms.

With the introduction of marketing automation, we have one system that can do anything. That allows you to manage your SEO, social media, blogging, landing pages, email and analysis in one place. Handy!

We used to work with computers because the Internet is now available on many devices.

According to an MIT report, we can expect that by 2019 no fewer than 30 billion devices will use the Internet. So there are 30 trillion devices we can use digital marketing.

Are you ready for the future? I do!

Last chance