Read My Amazing SiteRubix Review ? Best Free Website Builder!

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 SiteRubix Review

For many people, it seems like a huge task to build a website in less than 60 minutes, let alone in just 30 seconds. In this post, I show that this is a reality.

Do you want to create a free WordPress website? Then SiteRubix is perfect to do this.

NAAM: SiteRubix


PRICE: Free For subdomains

PREMIUM: 49/month

NAAM: SiteRubix

Welcome to my SiteRubix Review

If you are building a website, you probably know that there are a lot of offers from site builders.

Over the years, I have tried different builders, but none of them could compete with

If you take a free account for SiteRubix, you will end up with Wealthy Affiliate, the web builder's owners, and you can follow many training courses.

The working of SiteRubix Website Builder?

You can see it here.

What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is a site builder that runs on WordPress, and you get all the benefits of WordPress.

If you want to add some functions to your site, you can use free plugins.

You can also follow online marketing courses.

Are You Ready To Explore SiteRubix?

Site Rubix also has great features

  • Premium Hosting For Up To 25 sites
  • Detailed Website Management & Back-Up
  • Wide Selection of Themes
  • 24/7 Support
  • In-depth Site Analytic
  • Website Health Monitor
  • 100% Secure Website Host
  • Mobile Friendly

To build a site, you have to click the Site Builder button and follow the steps on the screen. It's effortless.

Why SiteRubix?

Because SiteRubix supported by Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university where you can access the thinking group of people alike, web manuals, website tools, live training, etc.

I will not discuss WA in detail here, because I have a review about Wealthy Affiliate that you can find here.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

When you build a website, you usually face setbacks that make it impossible for you to move forward and have some success online.

Who’s SiteRubix?

SiteRubix has just about everything you expect from a site builder. It is the most easy-to-use platform available for online workers.

The community is happy to support you.

As for the considerable learning environment, and there are hundreds of courses and daily courses are created by the community.
There is nothing untouched, and it is excellet

Get Your Free Trial Here

What is SiteRubix? If you start an online business, then you need SiteRubix. SiteRubix has a strong foundation to build on your website.

Site Rubix is much more than a website builder. Thanks to the fantastic online tools and analyzes, you have a head start on your competitors. It is super handy to have everything in one place when building a website.

It has never been easier than now to build a beautiful and profitable online website.

I will teach you how SiteRubix can help you grow your blog.

You can choose from more than 3000 themes, and you learn how to create a website in just 60 seconds.

Watch this demo.

Make a Website under 60 seconds


You can buy your domain at SiteRubix. You probably already have a domain name that you can transfer for free, and you can select a free subdomain.

It is easy to have all site tools in one place for setting up and maintaining your sites.

Site hosting

You can be confident that your website will be live 24 hours a day with the fastest page loading speeds. With the SiteRubix platform, hosting your website is a significant advantage.

You do not have to worry about the technical side of hosting. In this way, you can focus your full attention on your online websites.

At SiteRubix, you can create two free websites with domain and hosting.

SiteRubix is included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership and allows you to host up to 50 websites on their fast and secure servers.

Site comments

With the exchange of SiteComments, you increase your website engagement.

Read My Amazing SiteRubix Review

Comments on your website are a must for the ranking in Google.

Through comments on your site, you can increase the involvement and trust of your readers

Website Review

With site feedback, you can increase the first impressions of people, so they can see that your website is alive.

From other members who are longer, you can receive constructive criticism about the layout, content, and general feeling of your site.

That way, you can always improve your website and bring it to a higher level.

Site email

You can set up multiple professional email addresses, and if you would like to set that on your email.

There is no limit to the number of emails you can have for each of your sites.

Site support

Your website is in expert hands. When I contact site support, they come back almost immediately with a useful answer to my question, which is good to know.

Whether you have a technical question about your site or want to restore a backup, you can create a ticket and get immediate assistance 24/365.

Site Speed

Conversions, bounce rates, and the reading experience of your site will influence your Google ranking.

It will be tough to get to the first pages at the top of Google if you have a slow website. You can test your site speed by GT Metrix.

That is why there is website speed, this is a website platform that is ready for your website and the server of your website, that means that when someone clicks on your website, it opens very quickly.

You will never find this first-class service at the other website builder!

Step by step training

What is it that makes SiteRubix different from other website builders?

SiteRubix is part of Wealthy Affiliate.

The users receive full training on how to build a website. They also teach you other ways to generate income.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is one of the included features when you build a website with SiteRubix.

There are over 100,000 members, and the number is still increasing every day
It is a group of online marketers who do not shy away from any questions.

The community consists of online marketers who care about you and support you throughout the entire process.

Technical support

An internal support team is available to resolve any technical problems. If something breaks on your site, they will fix it for you. It works via a ticket system.

Website security

  • The technical team takes your security online very seriously. They are available 24/7 and do a daily backup of your files and data.

Domain marketplace

As a premium member, you have unlimited access to the online domain marketplace where you can directly purchase a domain name within Wealthy Affiliate.

Site health

They keep records of the health of your site, such as whether you regularly publish and how dedicated your website.

There are even more different functions that the site health tool measures. Site health is a feature that I have never seen with other website building.

Take a look at the screenshot I made for you!

Read mynamazing web hosting review 

The Good and The Bad

The Good

  • Up and run very Quickly
  • Secure hosting
  • Site health checker
  • Gives you the possibility to test their entire system without any obligation
  • 24/7 support From The community
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No need to be able to program

The bad

  • Your website bears the SiteRubix extension in the domain name.
  • The free version of SiteRubix gives you only two sites.

Start With SiteRubix

Getting started with Site Rubix is free and easy. You get two free sites to do everything you want.

Introduce your first site at that time and set up your profile with Wealthy Affiliate.

You would then be able to follow the free Online Entrepreneur Certification course that is accessible to all individuals and to create an excellent site.

With the free version of Site Rubix, you get fewer themes to choose from, etc.

So there are more benefits to be gained if you take a premium subscription. With premium registration, you get limitless website installations on SiteRubix, and you can choose from multiple themes, as well as your domain name.

You can sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate to use SiteRubixing and claim your two free sites. And you can start.

[thrive_link color='blue' link='′ target='_blank' size='medium' align='aligncenter']Claim Your Two FREE Sites Here[/thrive_link]

What Else Do You Get?

If you use SiteRubix, you can use the Jaaxy keyword tool.

Read My review of the Jaaxy keyword tool.

The Jaaxy Review – What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

What are the costs associated with SiteRubix?

The guys at Wealthy Affiliate keep things simple and only offer a simple choice of two memberships

  • Free starter membership: $ 0.
  • Premium membership: $ 49 per month

Let's compare the plans

Wealthy affiliate price,list


I hope you have seen how easy it is to start a website now that all questions answered. Many beginners are overwhelmed. By so much information, many beginners are overwhelmed, but in reality, it is simple. You will receive more information on the official SiteRubix website.

If you have any questions about my Web hosting Review, please leave me a comment below.

Get Instant Access Now!




16 thoughts on “Read My Amazing SiteRubix Review ? Best Free Website Builder!”

  1. I am a blogger and I am currently using the free platform of AlterVista. Have you heard about this platform? After reading your review of this Site Rubix website builder, I am convinced this is a better deal than the one I am using right now. Although the one that I am using is totally free, there are times my blog posts load so slow and that’s very frustrating. I even have friends told me about the problem, they abandoned my blog without even reading the first paragraph. 

    The only thing that I like with it is, the monetization side as they are the one to display Adsense ads on the sides and will just handle me my share of the profits. But then, I realized why I am letting other people get a share of the profits that are supposed to be 100% for me? Then, after so much thinking, and after reading this review, I think will now transfer my blogging to this Site Rubix. Thanks for explaining in detail what features are available with this website builder. I’m convinced.

    • Hey thanks, moving to Siterubix is ​​the best choice you make and very simple. You won’t regret it. As far as the income from adsense is concerned, they also learn this at WA. Then you don’t have to lose anything.


  2. Hey,
    I see your post and you write an excellent post. Most of the people don’t know how to build a website. And they also don’t know about the siterubix. But in your post, you clear all problem very clearly. The people who are new and want to build a website for himself. By see your post, he can easily create a website and development it day by day with siterubix.
    I’ll share this post with my friends and parents. I’m quite sure they will become and check your post and visit your website. Thanks.

    • Thank you for sharing the article with your friends and parents. Yes it is very simple and without having to worry about the technical. As a result, a burden falls off your shoulders


  3. I have just read your article with great interest. Your post will be very helpful to anyone looking to build a site for the first time, and a valuable resource to serve as a reminder to those of us that work with the platform on a regular basis.

    The simple way that you breakdown the more complex parts of the program, and their uses is excellent and was a very easy, informative read.


  4. Hey mate,…

    That’s a great piece of review you have here. Reading between the lines I can say that siterubix is the best platform out there, correct me if I am wrong, however, knowing that its also integrated with Wealthy Affiliate, another bonus, plus the Jaaxy keyword research tool, another great bonus,…

    I just have one question, basically if I am using a siterubix website builder and I am a starter member of Wealthy Affiliate, how long does it take for me to use my siterubix domain? In cases where I am not thinking of going premium with WA?

    Thanks mate..


    • Hey, thanks for your ciomment. If you use Siterubix as a starter then you can immediately use your Siterubix domain name.
      That’s the good thing about it.


    • Hey Joseph Nice To meet You. Thank You For Your comment. Of You Are a member of Wealthy Affiliate You can use Your Siterubix domain immediately.


  5. This for this but can you quickly make this clear to me. Since the sites buildt with siterubix bear the extension name of siterubix, making it appear like a subdomain, won’t this affect the acceptance of the site for Google adnsense? Because to the best of my knowledge, Google don’t accept free hosted domains for adsense. Please kindly Make this clear to me. Thanks. 

  6. Hi dear

    I remember when I wanted to crate a website, I was told that WordPress is the best. But every hosting company offering WordPress was quite expensive. And I was really discouraged.

    Until I found siterubix, it was amazing to get a free WordPress website with all the perks of the platform. I was able to create my website and start my online business. With siterubix you can rank your website in the search engines.

    So, if you want to start your online business stress free, please join siterubix and you will not regret, I can testify of it.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome and very informative post.

  7. Im in the process of building my first website using siterubrix. For someone who knows next to nothing about building their own site, they do a great job. I do have a lot of stress in the theme department though, and designing certain aspects of my website. Its extremely frustrating when I get feedback saying to add something or change something on the layout and I cant figure it out. Thats the only issue I have, but everything else is great. I love the feedback and comment section, and how you can check your site health. All extremely useful information.

    • Hey thank you for your comment. To change the layout, go to appearance in wordpress on the left and then click on customize. You can change everything there.


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